Thursday 10 July 2014

Trendy Thursday - Rompers, Playsuits, Jumpsuits....

I really love all in one outfits.  Even for myself.  They are so retro, so reminiscent of childhood.  Even though they can be a pain in the butt (literally) when it comes to trips to the loo or nappy changes, they just look so darn cute.

This Sunday just gone Ethan was rocking his new Indikidual jumpsuit and we both thought it rocked.  Ethan has a thing about jumpsuits/rompers as well.  He loves to wear them.  They just seem to boost his mood, they feel fun and playful.  This jumpsuit has cute jellyfish all over it so he kept telling me he was a jellyfish.  Especailly with his jelly shoes on!

Indikidual, Rock Your Baby, Romper, Kids Leggings, Baby Leggings

Jellyfish romper - Indikidual via KyNa Boutique
Jelly shoes - Project Jelly
'Dad' vest - Minti via eBay
Harlequin leggings - Rock Your Baby
Moccasin sandals - Monkey and Mole

Felix was sporting a rather fantastic pair of bright harlequin print leggings from Rock Your Baby (a super cool Aussie brand) which we really love.  I can vouch for them being hard wearing - twice he's stained them and each time I've managed to get the stains out and they've washed really well.   They just look amazing.

I can't write this week without mentioning Felix's new Bobo Choses romper.  It is INSANE it's so lush.  I love out slouchy it is, plus, due to it's slouchy nature, it'll have loads of growing room so I think he'll be wearing it a good while.  It's a simple spotty print but simple is all you need sometimes!

Bobo Choses romper

Bobo Choses Romper - Yellow Lolly

What have your dudes and dudettes been wearing this week?  You can link up below!

I discovered this week that Mother Geek and Clearly Bex have also started a kids fashion linky on Thursdays so you can link up with them too if you wish!

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  1. I love love love little rompers, I had loads for E when she was dinky! Super cute

    1. They are just lovely, aren't they! Thanks for linking :) x

  2. Beautiful outfits!
    I am especially loving the Jellyfish Romper and Jellies combo!!
    Thanks for sharing our linky :)

    1. Thank you :) Ethan adores the jellyfish romper and has already asked to wear it this weekend..


  3. The dotty romper is amazing!!! Love it! xxx

  4. I am loving the yellow lolly romper, looks so comfortable! Thank you for linking up #TT_Thursday :-)

  5. They look fab as always!! We have the jellyfish leggings! :D NEED those Harlequin leggings for the kids wardrobes! :)


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