Thursday 24 July 2014

Trendy Thursday - The colour grey

One of my fave Instagram peeps is Susan Lynch AKA @SoobyLynch.  She has a wonderful Instagram feed mainly featuring gorgeous photos of her little fashionista Penny.  Susan blogs as well under the name of Standing By The Wall,  so named because she takes photos of Penny in her outfits, standing by the wall!

Susan is running a 30 day challenge, 30 Days of Colour.  The idea is that every three days you are given a new colour and you have to dress, do and find things that fit in with that colour.  The colours are as follows:

Days 1-3 : Yellow
Days 4-6 : Purple
Days 7-9 : Grey
Days 10-12 : Green
Days 13-15 : White
Days 16-18 : Pink
Days 19-21 : Orange
Days 22-24 : Black
Days 25-27 : Red
Day 28-30 : Blue

It's a challenge for anyone and everyone to join in with, all you have to do is take photos and tag them on Instagram using #colourbythewall.

We missed the first few days but we have been joining in with grey, so I thought today I'd share some "grey" looks from myself and the boys!

Colour By The Wall - Grey - Standing By The Wall - SoobyLynch
Colour By The Wall - Grey

Grey Vest - very old from Gap
Jelly Shoes - Sunjellies
"Felix" arrow print leggings - Boco Baby

LOVE t shirt - Whistle & Flute
Star print shorts - H&M (last year)

Grey Hello vest - Hello Apparel via Southwood Stores
Denim shorts - Next

I think we did a reasonable job with grey.  I realised this morning when I was hanging out the washing that we had a load of grey items in the wash.  I should have been more organised.  We'll make more effort with green!

Why not join in?  Search for the tag #colourbythewall on IG, see what everyone has been rocking and have fun!

If you have a kids fashion post to link up, please do so below.  Please, PLEASE don't forget to comment here and visit others who join in.  It's not a huge linky so it's not hard to do.  I have to admit that I find it rather galling when people link but don't comment.

I will make every effort to tweet your links at least once, hopefully twice.

Thanks everybody! xx

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring us, and our #colourbythewall challenge. Its so good to see you guys in our ig newsfeed every day, but to have you join in with us, is especially cool! I am definitely going to need a help on how to link up to your page though! ;-)

  2. What a fab idea! Sadly nothing from us to link this week, daughter still wearing clothes I've already featured. Well said on the commenting thing, totally with you on that. I always comment on host and a few others. X

  3. Oooh loving the look of the #colourbythewall challenge, will have to try and take part! Those Felix leggings are really cute x

  4. I really love the jellie shoes! I brought me and my boy and my girl some! Well you can only get away with it for so long. I have got a few clothes posts coming up soon so will be able to join in! Yay! xxx

  5. What a brilliant challenge! I don't have Instragram though... but getting a new phone next month so hopefully can join in the fun!

  6. Nice idea to focus a challenge on clothes.

    I'm doing the #capturecolour challenge but that's broader. Great to have a recommendation of another person to follow (not in a stalkerish way obviously!)

  7. I like the idea of wearing certain coloured clothes for a few days, although i fear I'd be wearing the same outfit for 3 days. I dont have much clothes in my cupboards and I hate shopping haha. Thanks for linking up #TT_Thursday

  8. What a great idea! Will have to see if I have anything I can link up with my daughter has more clothes than primark so shouldn't be an issues. Me however I have nothing much and it's mainly black or orange! xx

  9. Oooh I love your vest top! Felix's leggings are amazing too! Love the idea of #StandingByTheWall - I'll have to try to find some green lurking in our wardrobes lol. Thanks for linking up with #TT_Thursday :)


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