Tuesday 18 November 2014

7 Healthy Italian Cooking Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Children are notorious for loving all types of Italian food -- from pizza and pasta to hearty lasagne. However, kids are kids, and they tend not to pay much attention to what they eat. As a parent, you can guarantee your children delicious Italian food with a healthy, nutritious edge. All of a child's favourite dishes can be cooked in light calorie versions. Don't worry; your kids will still enjoy Italian night if you cook it right!

1. Homemade Pizza Topped With Veggies

Pizza is an Italian staple adored by children and adults alike. However, a lot of pizza recipes are greasy and topped with cholesterol laden meats. If you focus on homemade pizza crust with light sauce, you can create the basis for a healthier pizza pie. Top your pie with healthy vegetables that the children like. Many kids love mushrooms, peppers and spinach as long as these ingredients are subtly added to the food.

2. Chicken Penne in a Light Sauce

Most kids love chicken when it's cooked right, and pasta is a regularly fun dish around the house. Try cooking whole grain penne pasta in a light red sauce. Also, make sure not to load the sauce onto the dish. You get enough flavour with less empty calories when using a small sauce amount. Top the pasta with chicken for an extra flavour of lean meat.

3. Vegetable Lasagne

Lasagne is delicious but often packed with fattening red meat. You can opt for vegetable lasagne with spinach and mushrooms instead. This will cut down on fats and introduce nutrition to the dish. Combine this with a small amount of cheese for added protein.

4. Try Turkey Meatballs With Your Spaghetti
People everywhere love spaghetti and meatballs, but this dish can be made even healthier with meatballs made from turkey instead of pork or beef. Turkey meatballs are lean meat alternatives, but kids still find them tasty. Test this idea out by swapping the usual meatballs with turkey meatballs to see your children's reactions.

5. Italian Subs With Whole-Grain Bread

Italian subs are a long-time favourite of sandwich lovers. However, they are often made with fattening dressings. You can keep the Italian meats and cheese on the sub, but to increase nutrition and cut down on unnecessary calories, replace any fattening dressing ingredients with olive oil. Your child will enjoy the wholesome taste of these healthy subs.

6. Tomato Soup the Italian Way

Tomato soup is a wholesome choice for children's lunches. You can top this soup with multiple flavorful ingredients, including garlic, basil and just a small amount of alphabet shaped pasta for extra fun. Your child will enjoy this simple, nutritious soup. Tomatoes are an Italian classic, and when placed in a soup, they provide excellent taste for any discerning young eater.

7. Chopped Italian Salad in a Light Dressing
Spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers can be combined with healthy vinaigrette dressings for the ultimate nutritious salad. Contrary to popular belief, children like salads if they are made correctly. They certainly do not have to be drenched in ranch dressing. Explore your dining options, and you will find several Italian-style salads your children will love.

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