Sunday 14 December 2014

Our Next Christmas Wishlist

Who doesn't love to dream a little and create a wishlist?  In the months running up to Christmas (Oh, OK, from about May onwards ;-D) I have a little list on the go - ideas for the boys, ideas for hubby and, if I'm honest, ideas for me!  Don't get me wrong, I know life isn't all about presents and spending money on material items, but it is nice to have some nice things around you.. and sometimes, just nice to think about having them!!

I've been trawling the Next website tonight doing just that, creating my #NextmasWishlist.  I've picked 10 items, some for the boys, some for hubby, some for me.  This is what I've picked:

For Felix:

WOW tee:

Felix says wow about 300 times a day so this is totally him!

For Ethan:

Ecru pattern jumper:

Just perfect for winter!

Suede boots:

Keep those tootsies warm!!

Geo pom beanie:

I love this,  It's so bold.  Totally on trend with the pompom and geo print.  It'd go with loads of outfits too!

For Pete:

Midwash slim fit jeans:

Pete could really do with a new pair of jeans and I think these would be just right.  Since he changed jobs he no longer needs to wear "work clothes" which is good but it means his casual clothes get a lot more wear.

Christmas jumper:

Come on, everyone needs a festive knit!  I like this one because it's festive but not too in your face.  You wouldn't feel a total dork in it.

For me:

Black jacquard dress:

I love the idea of this dress.  It's the kind of thing I could wear all day or wear out to meet friends in the evening.  I could dress it up with bright tights and a bright cardie.  It'd be good for Autumn, Winter and Spring!

Fairisle sock set:

These socks are gorgeous.  I love the patterns and they look really snug!

Star print tights:

I love a pair of statement tights, these are just up my street!! To funk them up even more I'd wear a coloured pair underneath.  The stars would look even cooler then!

Faux fur flat boots:

These boots look awesome.  Practical, comfortable and I think they'd work really well with my endless collection of jeans and leggings!

So, there you have it.  A nice little festive wish list!! I'm off to bed now so I can dream about stomping around in new boots with snug fairisle socks!!

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