Friday 20 February 2015

VIP - Lights by Tena

VIP? What do I mean?  Very Important Pelvic (floor) - that's what I mean!

Recently I attended an event in Hackney held by Myriad PR who work for Tena.  Most of us have heard of Tena.  No doubt we've all had a little chuckle at their adverts. For years we all think "that won't be me!" or at least "wetting myself? That's years off" and away we go merrily about our day.

The thing is that it really isn't as far off as we hope - not for many of us!  It all goes quite well for most women until they get pregnant and subsequently push a huge baby out.  All that pressure on your bladder and pelvic floor when you carry around a baby in your tum and pushing when it comes to birth.  It puts a huge strain on the pelvic floor.

I didn't realize that 69% of mums experience light bladder weakness.  I had no idea it was that high! That's a huge percentage.  Think of it for a minute.  More than half of Mums have this issue.  And yet it just isn't something we really talk about.  According to research one in five women would rather go without make up for a week than admit to having bladder weakness.

I am going to be truly honest with you here.  I have encountered this problem and it's not something I'm really keen to discuss, but if it will help towards breaking the taboo, I will.  It's not a problem I have every day or even every week, but from time to time, if I'm already in need of the loo and I sneeze or cough or even laugh hard then sometimes there will be a little leak,  I do mean little.  The other time I encounter this is when I have my period.  I use a mooncup, a menstrual cup which you pop up inside.  Because this cup is held up inside, my muscles and pelvic floor are under a bit more strain than usual and it can cause the odd leak of wee.  Again, only a tiny bit.

Because it's not a huge issue for me, I don't buy any products to help.  If it were something that were troubling me more often I would.

Something we can all do to help is work on our pelvic floor.  When I met up with the Tena team in Hackney we enjoyed a session of HotPod Yoga (yoga in a heated "pod").  Why yoga?  Well, yoga is particularly good for pelvic floor exercises.

Lights by Tena
In the Hot Pod
I had great fun doing the yoga session because I love yoga, I've taken quite a few classes before and I'm lucky to be naturally flexible and good at balancing.  I enjoy the challenge of yoga!  My pelvic floor could do with work though, I will admit that!

Tena aren't trying to make money out of more of us by creating a lights range aimed at younger women.  They are also trying to help prevent the problem occurring.  They have created a free app called My PFF (My Pelvic Floor Fitness).  I have actually downloaded this app myself and will be giving it a try.  The app acts as a reminder for your pelvic floor exercises.  You can set up to 6 reminders each day.  You can snooze the reminders if they come up at a time when it's not suitable for you.  There is a help and support section and you can even request a free sample of Tena Lights.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day trip to Hackney, the challenge of getting myself there using three trains and the tube.  I loved meeting the ladies from Myriad who were lovely.  The yoga was a pleasant experience and I felt I really learnt something new.

The view from the Hot Pod location at Netil House

Lights by Tena, Hot Pod Yoga, Netil House, Hackney

No more "little accidents" ladies! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

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