Friday 27 February 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Monochrome goodness with Baby Bandits

Monochrome is such a huge trend.  It started a couple of years ago and it doesn't seem to be going away but going from strength to strength!  At least in our house anyway.  I love it.  I still love all colours, don't worry about that.  Our house and our clothes are still bright and bold.. but I just love the contrast you get with black and white, especially when teamed with other bold colours like mustard yellow or a sunny orange.  Or even a bright green.  Ohhhhhhh.... I love it!! Ironically Love Is In The Air is playing on the radio as I write this... ha!

I love it when I find a brand that shares my monochrome madness.. even more so when it's a small UK brand.  This is the case when it comes to Baby Bandits.  I first discovered them on Instagram when they were getting ready to launch their brand.  I don't think they've even been "live" for a year yet!! They are doing fantastically though.  Already a huge fan base on Instagram with a following of over 4K.

Their clothing range is gender neutral (hurrah!) and "focuses on blacks and whites with a skull and crossbones logo being featured on many of the products making it slightly edgy and different from the majority of children’s clothing currently available in high street stores.".  Admittedly it probably isn't to everyones taste, but I love it.

More importantly, so do my boys.  I ordered one of their sleevless rompers in age 2-4.  What's really fantastic is that if I roll the legs up Felix can wear it and if I roll them down again, Ethan (who's 5) can fit into it.  Bargain!! We're going to get years of wear out of this!

The romper looks awesome with nothing underneath so will be fantastic for spring and summer.  However, it also looks great with tops underneath.  You can layer it up with jackets and hoodies too!

Well done Baby Bandits - we love you!

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Happy Friday! X

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  1. He looks cute in his little outfit. I'm still unsure about monochrome, sometimes I love it and other times it just doesn't do it for me. I'll have to have a look.... X


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