Friday 20 February 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Moromini - GET 15% OFF!

Last week I wrote about Moromini, the new brand being stocked at Funky Little People.  Well, Anna who runs Funky Little People very kindly sent us a couple of items from Moromini and we've been trying them out!

Anna sent us a top and a pair of trousers.  The top is size 86-92 which is usually said to be 1-2 years and the trousers are 98-104 which is around 3-4 years.  Both are a smidge big for Felix just now.  Anna feels the trousers are perhaps a little small and the tops come up a bit bigger.  I think she's just about right.  As Ethan is quite short for his age (well compared to the rest of his school year!) - he's 108 cm, I've tried both items on him and they do fit.  Interestingly it's the trousers that look the smallest on him which is funny because the top is age 1-2!! He's very slim so he can fit into a lot of clothes that are officially "too small".  Quite handy really!

Moromini, Smafolk, JNY Design, Funky Little People

Ethan told me that the trousers are "really soft and comfy".  We both like the slightly baggy, relaxed look of them.  A bit like harem pants.  I love the statement of the knee patches.

Moromini, Funky Little People

The print on the top is adorable.  I'm a sucker for anything with raindrops. It's also lovely and soft.

Definitely a brand to watch and I'm very glad Anna has got them in stock - once again she proves she has a good eye.  Good to know they use organic cotton as well.  I should also mention that if you buy any Moromini items this month Anna is offering the chance to win one of their Fair Trade cotton shopping bags!  Shipping is free on orders over £50 and Anna always gets them out promptly and nicely packaged. Readers can also benefit from a special 15% off orders as well using the code 15%OFF.

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Happy Friday!


  1. Interesting looking brand - the strong patterns look sort of Scandi style influenced.

  2. Your boys always look fab in bright funky patterns and colours x


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