Friday 3 July 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Little Wild Child

Oh.. it's been one of those weeks.  Ethan has been off school all week apart from today.  Felix has been full of craziness.  His sleep is terrible again and he's taking ages to settle in the evenings as well.  We're all a bit worn down and I'll be honest, I don't much feel like blogging!!

We've been home all week, we've not really gone anywhere or done anything.  Felix has spent most of the week naked in the garden!  I thought I'd share a couple of outfits from last weekend:

Stitched Up Apparel, Be Wild

This t shirt couldn't be more appropriate for Felix.  He needs no encouragement, he IS wild!  We were sent this t shirt by Stitched Up Apparel who we brand rep for. Stitched up are a UK brand run by a stay at home Mama.  She makes some beautiful clothing and this tee is part of a brand new range!  It retails at £14.

RaanRoo, Ra an Roo, Ra and Roo, Kids Romper, Penguin Romper

This stunning penguin print romper is part of a limited edition range from Ra an Roo.  It's really well made.  The style is retro but the print gives it very modern trendy feel.  Felix loves anything with animals on so it was a hit with him.  I love it because it has a "baby" feel about it!

So, now it's over to you guys!  What have your little ones been rocking in this heat?  Link up below, tweet me your links, link back to me - you know the drill!

Happy Friday!



  1. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure3 July 2015 at 15:56

    Oh we love penguins, that is a beautiful romper

  2. Hope everyone is ok and your weekend gets better! Daisy hasn't worn much apart from her knickers this week either. Its far too hot! x

  3. Love that stitched up apparel T! and penguins...
    Hopefully a healthier week next week! x

  4. Isn't there something so reassuring about clothing with animals on them? It still reassures me that my babies (even the two-year-old) are still least a little. And who doesn't love penguins?!


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