Friday 18 November 2016

We're repping for Moromini!

This week brought some very exciting news!   Brand Repping is a big thing on Instagram.  We've repped for a few brands over the last couple of years.  This year I took a step back from all the brand repping.  Sometimes it can be rather soulless, the entering of rep searches, the way it can make you feel if you don't get picked, the way it feels if you keep seeing the same people being picked over and over.  It all gets a little bit... I'm not sure.  I was feeling jaded by it.

There's so much I love about Instagram.  There's a lovely community there and I feel I've made life long friends there.  I enjoy seeing what others are up to and I enjoy seeing amazing quality photos there.  Snapshots of life.  I didn't feel I wanted to keep "chasing" something that wasn't necessarily bringing me happiness. So. A step back from entering rep searches.  Until I spotted a brand I love, Moromini, searching for reps a couple of weeks ago.  And I just couldn't resist.  Rather like repping for Slugs & Snails tights in the last year, I knew this brand would be a perfect fit for us.  Bright, colourful, full of patterns, clothes the boys and I genuinely like.  Encouraged by Anna who owns Funky Little People to enter, I did.  This Monday the lucky reps were announced and we were among them!  It made me grin from ear to ear.  It will bring me nothing but joy to work alongside a brand we love and I can't wait to help them out sharing photos on Instagram, Twitter and over here.  I believe brand repping should be a joy.  Not something you do because you want some kind of "InstaFame" or just because you are desperate for "free" clothes (they aren't free though.  This is an exchange of clothing for your time, skills and audience).  I am so proud we will be working with a Mama created brand with a wonderful ethos, Europe made clothing, organic cloth, designed with children in mind, not mini adults.

Moromini, Scandi, Kids Clothing
Felix wearing a Moromini Fried Egg Top

Moromini, Scandi, Kids Clothing
Felix snoozing in his Moromini Trousers

I can tell this is going to be a wonderful partnership and I'm very happy to have some cool Mama's and kids repping alongside us, not in the least Hannah from Make, Do & Push!  High five missus!

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