Tuesday 29 November 2016

What do you do ALL DAY?

This is a question I recently had posed to me.  What do you do all day long?  As a stay at home parent, it's something I've often imagined people wondering.  Usually people who don't have children.  Or partners who've never done the "stay at home" thing.  I'm sure, on occasion, my husband as wondered the same.  Especially now Felix has started at preschool.

The fact is, I do often wonder where the time has gone myself.  At present, Ethan is at school full time.  Felix is at preschool but only for the 15 hours which are funded.  By the time I'm back home from dropping both of them off at least half an hour of that precious time has gone.  Once I get in the house and gather my thoughts, tidy up from breakfast etc it is often getting close to 10 am.  Feix has to be picked up at 1:30 pm so at this point only 3.5 hours remain.  I have to fit my own lunch in at some point.  Quite often make a packed lunch for one or both of the boys the following day.  House work.  Washing/folding/putting away clothing.  It amazes me how "little" I seem to get done.  It has to be said that I do like to keep a very tidy home.   I'm sure I could write far more blog posts or drum up more blogging work for myself if I loosened my grip on the house.  Really, I should.  I do love a tidy home though.  I love that I know where everything is.  There aren't piles of clothing and toys and other items hanging around to be put away.  Jobs do get done in this house.  We do tend to get on with things pretty quickly.  DIY, chores etc.  I don't like to leave them hanging around and neither does Pete really.  We work hard at it.

A quiet moment

Some of my time at home I do chose to use to relax in a little.  Yes, I will have a coffee and read a while.  I've been a stay at home Mum for over 7 years now and much of that time has been exhausting, draining and hard.  It's been lovely too and immensely rewarding, but it's been a long time and I am itching for time for myself and to start to do something different.  I'll always be a Mum and I'd never change that.  My boys will always need me.  The house will always be there needing something doing on it.  But I need something else in my life.  So, what do I do all day?  A whole heap of things but also, right now, I'm job hunting and trying to figure out what I want to do and how that will fit in with everyone else.  And if that means I have the odd quiet coffee by myself, so be it.  There's enough judging and ill feeling in this world without begrudging me that!

My home.. always being tweaked! 

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