Sunday 4 September 2011

What's (in) your bag honey?

Jumping on the bandwagon that is currently doing the rounds, I thought I would share with you all what lurks within my bag(s).

Before children as many of you will know you more than likely have a small handbag with just a few essentials in side it. Or, perhaps you had a larger bag, full of receipts as well as essentials, but I bet it didn't include a spare nappy.

Parenthood = big bag. When I first had Ethan I didn't use a handbag for myself, everything was all in one big bag, a beautiful Pink Lining "Yummy Mummy" bag. This was about the best photo of the bag that I've been able to find, it's not very good I'm afraid! But it gives you an idea of the size of the thing...

Nowadays I have a bag for Ethan/the family and my own far smaller bag. Sooo... here we go. First up, my own bag. Nothing too exciting, but a surprisingly large amount for such a small bag.

So, we have here my purse, 3 cocodemol, coffee sachets, plasters, used plasters (I know, the shame, the shame!!!) hairdressers card, receipts, sunglasses, gym card, earphones, earrings, lip balms, gum, keys, out of date vouchers, two old shopping lists and a paper napkin.

I think the used plasters are the yummiest thing there!! What can I say, there was no bin around and I can never bring myself to litter!

Next up, Ethan's bag:

This one is much fuller!! We have Regge Regge Nuts, hand cream, two nappies, anti bac gel, savlon, metanium, change mat, wet bag, nail file, tissues, the ever popular 'screwed up waitrose bag', a hat, Ethan's sunglasses, a toy mini, an ipod, my phone, a list, loads of calpol sachets, two spoons (one with fluff and unidentified bits on it) a scrap of paper, crayons, a biro, snacks, spoons, gum, mummy snacks a kindle and wipes... And breath!

There we go! I love nosing in other peoples bags, I hope you've enjoyed nosing in mine!!

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