Wednesday 7 December 2011

Hands off those matches and stop break-dancing whilst you're at it!

In the run up to Christmas, like many of us I suspect, I start to feel run down and ready for a break. Though I love the groups we go to (lets face it, we all need a reason to get out and about, a chance to chat to other parents and to let our children play with their friends) there comes a point where I just want to stay at home, have a quieter morning... not have to rush out of the door as soon as breakfast is done.

We have a busy week - on Monday Ethan has Tearless and Fearless at the local sports centre at 9:30am. Straight after that he goes in the creche and I go to the gym. After that we walk home via the supermarket to do the weekly shop... home, unpack, lunch... by that point it's about 2pm!! Tuesday is playgroup, Wednesday is creche/exercise class and then a group meet up in the afternoon... Thursday we normally see my parents and are out of the house by 9:30am... Friday we usually end up with something planned in, swimming or the local soft play.. Either way, buy this time of year I think we are both feeling a little ragged! Throw in the usual winter bugs and all I want to do is crawl under a blanket with a pint of mulled wine (Ethan still has the energy to demand the endless playing of cars).

Anyway, the groups are beginning to wind down for the year Thank God... but that does mean that nativities and Christmas parties are starting to pop up... and that means dressing up! I'm afraid that though I may be crafty I've not yet turned my hand to nedlework and as such would be pretty rubbish at making Ethan a costume.. Thankfully we had a new Asda open recently and they do very well priced nativity costumes!! Would you like to see Ethan modeling a sheep costume? Of course you would!

My apologies for the fact he appears to be about to make a call on a Barbie phone!

So, dressed as a sheep we head to playgroup this week to attend a reading of the Christmas Story by the Vicar in the church... Can you imagine this? A large group of 0-3 year olds crammed into a corner in the church with a Vicar trying desperately to grab their attentions with knitted nativity characters (they were very cute actually, but "riding" a woollen donkey over some boy's back whilst he tries to climb onto your shoulders in an attempt to smash a stained glass window probably wasn't the best way to attempt to keep children's attention!). Ethan had long since escaped from my grasps when all of a sudden I heard him yelp "Oooo, FIRE!!" and then someone else yelling "Vicar! He's got hold of your matches!". Yup, it was Ethan. He'd managed to get behind the Vicar whilst he was occupied with this other child and grabbed the matches he'd hidden behind his back (for the lighting the advent candle).. Sigh. That was embarrassing.. I doubt his £8 nylon sheep-ish wonder from Asda would have faired well against flames....

The week didn't much improve when we attending story time at the library again.. this always goes well for us. Ethan got told off by the librarian reading the stories because he kept break-dancing in front of her, distracting the other children. He was close to kicking other children in the face but I was too tired to care much by that point and was trying to nap behind a bookshelf (OK, OK, I obviously wouldn't let him kick other children but you know what it's like when you've spent the whole day nagging at them!).

That reminds me of earlier in the week when we were checking out at the local garden centre and Ethan decided to hump his glo-worms face into the floor much to the distaste of the other customers... What is it with boys and their willies? Come to think of it, what is it with toddlers in general? They just can't help but embarrass you in public!

It's not all been bad this week.. we skived off crèche/gym and made Christmas cookies instead.. Ethan actually wanted to join in with the baking this time, mixing and breaking eggs. I was impressed, he did well and didn't make too much mess! So, here's a few smug pictures of said biscuits and their creation!


I'm sure this is supposed to be added now!

Time for a break with a sit down on the sofa and a wheat bag (called stink bags in our house actually!) for my aches and pains! Oh, what have I created?!

Oh! Look! Yummy! Smug photo alert!

Just to redress the balance, during his bath tonight, whilst playing with foam letters Ethan said that these two were for me and stuck them on my tummy:

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