Wednesday 7 December 2011

Proper Crim-buggy!

I've always put fairy lights on Ethan's buggy for him at Christmas time... why not?! I mean surely that's what those small strings of battery operated LED fairy lights are for?

The lights we've used for the last two Christmases were broken so yesterday Ethan chose himself some new ones, clear white stars. Last night I sewed them into the sunshade/cover part of his buggy. He was so excited today about getting into his buggy and having the lights on!!! During a walk around our town we got quite a few stares and comments... I think the best reaction was an elderly woman waving her hands around shouting "Glory be! You are ready for Christmas! Clever Mummy!" and bursting into Christmas carols... When we were waiting in a huge queue at the Post Office people were laughing away at Ethan and his lights, at which point he started singing "Walking in the air"... It was so bloody funny!

Anyway, if you want something that will guarantee you a load of attention where-ever you go and put a smile on your little one's face, this is all you have to do!


  1. (as in I'm stealing this idea. you haven't stolen anything. Thought best to clarify that).

  2. Hahahaha!!! LOL Well there was that time Ethan managed to nick a pair of disgusting sunglasses from new look...


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