Sunday 4 December 2011

Sunday Snapshots - Decorations are up!

Ho ho ho! We took Ethan to see Father Christmas and he loved it, wasn't scared at all.. though he did tell an Elf that the Reindeer would eat Father Christmas... hmmm!

I was going to pick one photo for this blog post, but decided that it just wouldn't be enough.. so, let me present to you our house, all dolled up for the Festive season!

From the outside:

A nice colourful lavender bush out the front!

Even the bedroom is joining in! Festive duvet cover!

Ethan is entranced by all of the lights..

Living room..

Ethan is calling these "light balls"..

Bunting! I must have SO MUCH BUNTING!

Tree... I'm biased but I do love it (Ethan has decreed that choosing a tree is boring and he is scared of this one... I think he'll warm to it).

Window pretties..

Woodland festive moose type creature!

Snowman :)

Well, tomorrow the card writing and frenzied wrapping begins!

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