Thursday 1 December 2011

Christmas is coming, this goose is getting lazy...

It's only just December! I love Christmas... I'm really excited about it. This is Ethan's third Christmas and he's going to understand much more about it this time.. The tree will be bought on Saturday and then all the decorations will be going up. We've been listening to the Christmas music for ages... Ethan's favorate songs are now Jingle Bells, Walking in the air and Silent Night.

All that aside though, it's hard to keep the momentum going. I made such a good start with making the Christmas cards, but I've made 12 and feeling like that's enough.. I might be able to make a few more but I'm so worn out come the evenings that I just don't feel like being crafty. Perhaps it'll be easier when Ethan is a bit older and not so full on in the daytime.

He's back to not napping so much now so the days are very long and demanding. Lovely, but demanding. I have so little "head space" that when the day is over and Ethan is in bed it's all I can do to drag my sorry arse onto the sofa and faff around on facebook and ebay for a few hours before collapsing in bed.

Hopefully it's just a bit of winter lazy-itus. I hope so, because it means my blog suffers. After all, if I don't feel up to doing anything I have very little to blog about!

I did a little Christmas shopping today. My parents had Ethan for a bit so I snuck off into Bristol to peruse the shops on Park Street (if you've never been there and you visit Bristol, do go because there are loads of independent shops). I discovered these babies!
Fuzzy felt!! On the fridge! Oh yeah... we are going to have fun with these... Also popped into Cath Kidston and got some Christmas tea towels because, well, why not?! They had 15% off in store today as well which was handy (just a happy coincidence, I had no idea).

Any-hoo, I am getting there with all the Christmas shopping, bit by bit.. and like I said, it's only just the beginning of December. So perhaps I'm justified in lazing on the sofa.. Pass me the Christmas Ale!!

Actually, before I go, look what I noticed Christmas Cliff doing in his video for The Saviours Day - leaning on a child's head!?! I mean honestly, the cheek of the man!

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