Tuesday 26 March 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Buying clothes for baby

Sorry Trendy Tuesday is late today.  It's been one of those days.  I'm surviving on 4 hours sleep, pregnancy is proving to be exhasuting at the best of times let alone today and Ethan has been running a temp of 40.. We've been stuck in all day doing little more than watching TV so I feel like a rubbish Mum, but we've both been up since 4am, it's cold outside and neither of us have the energy for much... So.. if today's post is a bit rubbish, I apologise, but you can see why!

I'm 32 + 2 now and the reality of a baby is becoming more and more real.  I got all the baby clothes down from the loft months ago, washed them and put them in baby's room.. but I still can't resist buying the odd new or second hand item for this baby.  One of the lovely ladies I follow on Instagram (Jordan) has a facebook page from which she sells clothing her son has grown out of - I discovered it last week and was very happy to find out we have very similar taste!  She had so many cute little outfits, I couldn't help but buy a few.  So.. today, as I'm not feeling very inspired today, I thought I'd share the link to her Facebook page and show off the gorgeous items I bought for baby boy 2.

This little lot only set me back £12 plus postage.  A Jasper Conran newborn sleepsuit, three Molo long sleeved vests (the ones with stars) and a Maxomara penguin print vest.  I could have bought more!!

I hope you are all fairing better than we are today.  Please link up your children's clothing blog posts below - don't forget to link here/display the badge and let me know so I can tweet your link.  The linky is open until Saturday!


  1. Sorry to hear you're sleeping so poorly, Alex! I'll be praying for both you and your little man to get some much needed rest. I haven't been sleeping well either... maybe this nature's way of preparing us both for the very little sleep we'll be getting when our wee ones arrive! Hugs, Dear, hang in there!!! ~Sarah

    1. I suspect you may be right Sarah. Still.. it strikes me as unfair that we spend so much of pregnancy suffering from a lack of sleep only to end it with labour (soooo tiring) and then WHAM! Here! Have a newborn to look after!! Ah well.. we got through it last time, we'll manage again!

      Hope you get some sleep as well! xx


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