Tuesday 5 March 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Men's style interpreted for boys

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Sorry there was no TT last week folks, I just didn't have time to do a post I'm afraid.  I'm not quite 100% blog focussed at the moment I'm afraid.  As I'm starting to near the end of my pregnancy, I'm afraid my mind is being taken up more and more by baby planning, making sure things are ready and organised for tiny man coming along and planning my homebirth.  I digress.. but hopefully you'll put up with me if my posts aren't as regular as they have been.

Let's get on with this weeks post!

I've not bought too much for Ethan lately.  He doesn't need as wide a variety of clothing since starting preschool - he's there on 3 days of the week and wears a preschool jumper/t-shirt and jeans combo whilst he's there, leaving me only 4 days out of 7 to style him.  It'll get worse when he starts "proper" school in September when he's in uniform 5 days a week!!  Anyway, I'm trying not to buy too much because his wardrobe is full to bursting and there aren't enough days for him to wear it all!  At least I know I can share the clothes when boy 2 comes along.

This Sunday Ethan and I were sat chilling out together.  I was reading The Times weekend supplement (my parents get it, we were at their house) and looking at the style pages.  They were focussing on Men's style so Ethan and I had a look together.  I asked him what he thought.  They featured a selection of bright colours which is was very keen on - he told me the yellow selection was his favourite.  It seems Men's fashion is staying quite smart at the moment.  Interestingly as Ethan and I were browsing the style pages he was decked out in pink jeans and his stripy blazer.  Quite fitting I thought!

Ethan's winter coat is also remaining "in style".  It seems to fit into several categories which are still "in" such as the "Pea coat" and "Army/Trench coat".  I think he looks pretty snappy in it.  The best bit is I got it second hand on eBay a little while ago for about 99p!

Stripe jumper - Cherokee Tesco's (old)
Coat - Debenhams via eBay
Blazer - H&M Kids (last season)
Pink Jeans - Maxomorra via bebaboo.com

Whilst I'm posting photos, I can't help but share this photo of Ethan.  He fell asleep in the car yesterday for all of a few minutes.  A very rare thing these days.  We had to lift him out asleep (he was soon awake!) but I got a quick snap of him snoozing on Daddy.  So sweet.

Right, I'll hand over to you lovely lot now.  If you've taken any snaps of your stylish babies/toddlers/children lately, write up a quick blog post and link up over here so we can all enjoy their style :)


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  1. Oh, that last pic is so sweet! I haven't bought anything for G either. Every time I'm out I look at stuff for my boys but then remember they have a full closet of clothes, new or almost new. It's fun to look, though! Hope you're feeling well this last stretch. Greetings from NY!

  2. Love Ethan's pink jeans and that last picture of him asleep is just so adorable.
    Hope you are feeling ok? x


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