Thursday 28 February 2013

Compression Tights - my pregnancy essential!

I mentioned recently that I've been suffering a lot with various leg aches and pains and discovered a rather large varicose vein.  Well, these issues had me googling like a mad thing in an attempt to find a way to relieve my symptoms.  My searches lead me to compression tights.  Something I'd never even heard of before - I think the closest I heard about are the stockings you get given before surgery or flight socks... I've been introduced to a whole new world of comfort!

I must admit I was sceptical - a pair of tights that would actually make my legs feel better?  Really?  Cost was quite a surprise as well, compression tights seem to start from the £20 mark (for a decent pair that actually work) and go upwards to around £40.  There are various sites that stock them and a few different companies who make them.  I decided I wanted to use someone reputable and who actually specialise in this area.  For that reason, I chose to buy from PebbleUK.  PebbleUK are "a Cambridgeshire based online retailer who specialise in therapeutic hosiery and underwear".  Just what I needed.

After careful consideration, I decided to go for a pair of Solidea maternity support tights with 18-21 mmHGg (mmHg is the measurement for compression, it means millimetres of mercury).  The aches and pains I've been suffering from have been quite considerable so I wanted to go for tights with a decent level of mmHg and the reviews I'd found online for the Solidea tights were good.  These tights set me back £29.70 including postage so I was hoping for a lot...

My tights arrived on Monday this week after ordering at the weekend, pretty good I thought.  I have to say that the PebbleUK customer service was excellent, they sent an email every time something progressed with my order which was very reassuring.

I tried my tights on for the first time on Tuesday.  Putting them on was quite amusing.  I knew it was going to be quite tricky.  Obviously you want to avoid snagging or laddering the tights (especially at this price!) so I was very careful.  The hardest part to fit is your foot.  Once you've gently got your foot fully into the tights it's quite easy to pull the rest of them up your legs and then adjust accordingly   I didn't feel immediate relief but I can honestly say that within a few hours of wearing the tights I was feeling better and since Tuesday I've worn the tights every day and my legs are much less painful.  I can tell the tights are suppressing my varicose vein as well which is good news.  My legs/hips still cause me discomfort at night time, but once I've got my tights on in the day I am SO much more comfortable.  Less achy.  I feel more supported.  My bump as well feels supported.

As I'm not above embarrassing myself, I'm going to include a photo of me in the tights so you can see for yourself what they look like.  Please excuse my pregnant body!!

I'm really pleased with these tights.  Yes, they were expensive but the comfort I get from wearing them is more than worth the expense.

Pregnant ladies, if you are suffering at all from varicose veins, achy legs, pelvic pain, restless leg syndrom, get yourself a pair of these tights!  I really don't think you'll regret it!

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**This is NOT a sponsored post.  I bought these tights myself.  I have not been compensated and all views expressed are my own**


  1. That is really pricey, but when your pregnant you don't really get to splash out on much or treat yourself. I think if they do the job, and you are comfortable than why not. I think I lived in leggings while with bumps, and I couldn't give a crap as I was comfortable xx

    1. That's just it Law. Being comfy has got to be THE most important thing when pregnant! XX

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  3. I had to resort to pull ups that increasingly became fall downs (!) as I just couldn't stand anything over my bump.

    Would love for you to link up at the Baby Shower linky party Alice @ Mums Make Lists xx

    1. Hi Alice, thank you for dropping by and commenting :) I've linked up! Hopefully it's worked, I'm away from home and using my new phone so I've done my best..

      I totally understand not wanting anything on your bump, I get that too.. Mostly this is the lesser of two evils! X

    2. Hurrah - it did work! The wonders of modern phones heh :-)

      Look forward to seeing you at this week's party Alice x


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