Monday 11 February 2013

Hotel Chocolat

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... chocolate!!!!  What better way to treat and indulge yourself?  I was recently given the chance to try out a box of gorgeous chocolates from the Valentines range by the tasty British chocolate company Hotel Chocolat.  Now, we don't really "do" Valentines in our house (neither of us are that bothered if the truth be told!) but I'm always happy to receive chocolate!

I've been quite into Hotel Chocolat for a while, a good few years.  I was a member of the monthly Tasting Club for a few years though since having Ethan I've had to let that go (beautiful chocolates but too costly on a tight budget).  As a result, Hotel Chocolat is an extravagant treat these days.

It has to be said that you can REALLY taste the quality of HC chocolates.  They are so smooth, the flavours so considered.  They aren't a cheap purchase but they are honestly some of the best chocolates you can buy and I think if you are buying chocolates for Valentines, a birthday or Christmas, they are the ones to go for.

The box I received was called "The Affection Collection" and retails at £25 for 19 chocolates.  I can honestly say I enjoyed every single chocolate from this box.  Some more than others, of course, but it was an excellent selection, there was something for everyone from the more "purist" Gianduja Bomb (a smooth hazelnut praline) to the exciting and zingy Lemon Curd (my favourite, it was crunchy and bitter sweet at the same time).  One of the things I love about HC chocolates is that 2 or 3 in a go is enough, so a box can last you a little while and you don't feel like you've gorged yourself!  A definite plus point.

If you're stuck for a Valentines gift, I "heartily" (oh, hahahaha!) recommend Hotel Chocolat chocolates.  I think anyone would be happy with this box!

***I was sent a box of chocolates for review purposes but all views expressed are my own***

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  1. Oh my!!

    I am green with envy! Chocolate to review and not just any chocolate but HOTEL CHOCOLAT chocolate! And you get to it eat it too!

    I love hotel chocolat, it's a shame my waistline wouldn't be in agreement. I will just have to look at the lovely picture and sigh and maybe pop past my local one next week and stumble through the door...oops! Not tried Lemon Curd but may sample your recommendation.



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