Tuesday 30 April 2013

Family Fun Time!

Earlier today I read a post about the top fancy dress costumes in 2013 for children and it reminded me how much my son Ethan loves dressing up. One thing I've discovered that he loves to do and I can actually keep up with is dressing up! Most of the fun comes from simply being dressed up so Ethan can run around happily, entertained mostly by the fact he and I are both dressed up.

Although being heavily pregnant and trying to keep a young child entertained is hard! Now that I'm on week 37 the bump is really growing, and with it so is my back ache and tiredness.
However, just because my body is taking on these changes doesn't mean that I want Ethan’s happiness to be compromised. The favourite part of my day is playing with my son and seeing the happiness on his face as he laughs, imagines and creates.

His favourite book characters are Meg and Mog, and he also loves The Lorax, The Cat in the Hat and Curious George, so fancy dress and imaginary adventures regularly follow the forms of the books these characters originate from.

I want Ethan to have a broad range of interests as he grows so he can discover new and interesting things. TV and literature are great ways to engage with a child as they are drawn in by the colourful characters but learn along the way.

Where’s Wally?

Where’s Wally? Was a staple of my childhood so I want Ethan to know all about this classic kid’s character. The books focus upon finding Wally amongst a busy crowd and helps develop patience and concentration. We would obviously play hide and seek in this!

The Smurfs

Another classic children’s character here I’d love Ethan to know more about are the Smurfs! Since being a Smurf requires blue face paint, I like to do painting activities with him so he can be creative and artistic.

Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story teaches children about compromise and learning to get on with those around you who are different. While that’s a great lesson, I also like the fact that I can sneak in a lesson about space with Buzz!

I found all these children’s costumes and many more were available to buy online and I got a lot of inspiration from this which helped me with writing this post. And after looking at all the different characters that are available to dress up as it also triggered a few happy memories from my own childhood and I'm sure Ethan will absolutely love it if I bought him one or two of these outfits to dress up as these characters.

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