Tuesday 23 April 2013

Trendy Tuesday - New clothes and moustaches

Hello Fashion Fans! Sorry.. that's very cheesy DJ isn't it! I'll start again...

Hello! It's Tuesday so it's time to share what Ethan has been wearing and what I've been doing for baby fashion wise.

Lately it's been all about new clothes in our household.  Not for me.  I'm still flogging my small selection of maternity wear to death (yawn) but Pete (hubby) has bought himself a load of new jeans and t shirts and as Ethan has grown lately and is getting closer to turning 4 I decided it was time to take the clothes he's grown out of (or will grow out of soon) out of his wardrobe and replace them with the age 4 clothes.

Ethan's always been a little bit diddy.  He's generally caught up with his peers and is about an average height for a 3 year old (he's 99cm) but he'll be 4 in July.  Perhaps he'll grow a few cms in that time.  He's grown about 2 cm in the last few months so he does seem to be shooting up a bit more quickly now and he's physique has changed, he's lost that chubby belly babies and toddlers have, his legs are looking lean.  There's not really any fat on him to be honest!  He's eating less and is more active.  All this seems to be pretty normal.  I've noticed his weight hasn't gone up in a long while though.  I don't normally weigh him - it's not healthy I don't think, but the other day he wanted to stand on the scales in his grandparents bathroom (he made me stand on afterwards which is something I didn't want being 36 weeks pregnant!!) and he was only 2 stone - he weighed more than that a while back!  Oh well, I'm sure it's all normal!

As usual I've gone off on a tangent.  Yes, Ethan's got a whole new wardrobe of clothes to enjoy - and of course I get to enjoy dressing him in them as well!  I love getting out his next set of clothes, items I've bought a year or two before.  It's fun because I can't always remember everything!

Bright colours and some sunshine!

T shirt - Boys & Girls
Stripy long sleeve - Katvig via bebaboo.com
Trousers - Molo via bebaboo.com (these have actually gone in the loft now - age 2!!)
Converse - eBay

We did a bit of dressing up this week.  Ethan has an extensive range of dressing up clothes but doesn't very often ask to use them.  He went for quite the eclectic look, borrowing one of my wedding hat/facinators!

Dressing up www.medicatedfollower.com
I've been doing a lot of nesting again this week.  I have the baby's bedroom finished now apart from some bunting I've ordered and a large letter F for the door.  I keep going in there and just standing in there like some mad person.  I love being in there though, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.  

Clothing wise I've done a bit more tie-dying for the baby.  I really cannot stand cream and white clothing.  Apart from quite often being boring - at least on babies (in my opinion) - they are very impractical.  Bright yellow baby poo and white clothing?  Not a good combo!  I bought 3 snugglepods on eBay for the baby.  All were white so that had to be changed.  I threw a few other items in the machine with them, mostly they were other colours to start so I ended up with a real variety of tie-dyed items!

Tie-Dye baby items - medicatedfollower.com
Finally, I want to share with you Ethan's outfit from the weekend - one of the tshirts Pete bought recently has a moustache print on it.  We're all a bit partial to moustache prints in our house!  At the weekend, Pete and Ethan had a moustache theme going on!!

Moustache prints! www.medicatedfollower.com
Pete's moustache print t shirt - Primark

Ethan's t shirt - Primark
Stripy long sleeve - Polarn O.Pyret
Green jeans - H&M
Trainers - Debenhams

Moustache print cushion case - Primark

Funnily enough, all our moustache prints come from Primarni!

Just one more thing before I hand over to you - someone, or perhaps more than one someone was kind enough to nominate me for the BIB awards (Brit Mums Brilliance In Blogging) under the style section.  If it was you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I didn't mention the BIBs on my blog this year.  I've not really had the time to think much about awards and I'm really touched to have been nominated and make the shortlist.  You can find out all about it here.  Voting for the finals is now open.  It would mean SO MUCH to me if I were to make the finals.  I'm up against some other amazing bloggers, but I have to say it would be fantastic, as one of the smaller blogs on the list, to make it to the finals.  It would be nice to see a few different blogs reaching finals, that's for sure!  It's quite tough as a smaller blog even to get this far, so I am thankful, but I often feel like it's not going to go very far because I have very few readers and followers compared to some on the list.  If you plan on voting and you enjoy my style posts, particularly Trendy Tuesday, please do consider me for your vote - here's a kiss from me in advance! XXX

So - what have your little ones been rocking over the last week?  Have you had any sunshine yet and gone crazy - perhaps you've not needed to use a coat!! Shock horror!!

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  1. love the moustache t shirt, good old Primani!
    Ethan looks cute in the top photos :-)

    1. Thanks lovely! Yes, I love Primark for stuff that's really trendy, it doesn't matter if it's not in vogue for long! x

  2. Some very cute clothes there! I love the green trousers. The way kids grow is a real mystery isn't it?

    1. Thank you - it really is!! Ethan's feet are the most bizarre, at one point they didn't change size for about 20 months!!

  3. I really love the tie dye baby clothes! They look fab. Can I ask what you used to dye them?

    1. Hi Sian!

      I used Dylan machine fabric dye. It's really easy to use. Some of the clothes had been dyed or tie dyed different colours before, hence all the different colours. All you do is wash the items once, wrap them in elastic bands, pop the dye

    2. Sorry.. Comment box playing up. You then put the dye powder in your machine drum, cover it with 500g of salt then add your items to be dyed and run a normal 40 degree wash. After that you will have your dyed clothes! Take them out, remove elastic bands, pop them in the machine again, run another wash to get rid of excess dye & then they are done! After that you need to run your machine on a final 40 degree wash with nothing in it just to make sure all the dye is gone. I've never had any issues.

  4. Fab, thanks so much! I start my maternity leave in a week - I know what I'll be doing!


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