Friday 12 April 2013

Friday Feature - Claire on Cloud 9

I got Friday Feature started with a big bang a few weeks back, featuring Funky Little People and with a lovely giveaway for my readers.  Since then we've had the school holidays.  We were away last week... I've been too busy to blog properly!  Well, despite being heavily pregnant, this week, things are back to normal.  So, with no further ado, I'd like to get back to today's Friday Feature!

This Friday I'm featuring a lovely lady who makes the most beautiful and original cloud themed mobiles you could wish for.  I don't mean mobile phones of course, I meant the kind you hang from your ceiling.

As I'm currently putting together our new baby's bedroom, I've been spending a lot of time searching the internet for items to decorate it with.  I wanted to get a mobile, something that wouldn't necessarily go over the cot (because I have one of those canopies Ikea sell that's going over the cot) but that could hang on the ceiling and be beautiful and funky to look at, but also engaging for baby over a long period of time.  I searched on eBay (often my first port of call), Amazon, Etsy, Folksy and on Facebook (there are loads of groups and pages on Facebook these days!).  After spending hours over a period of days searching  I found Claire and her mobiles which appear on both Etsy and Facebook.

Claire hand-makes a variety of items including large raindrop, moon and cloud cushions, cloud mobiles and cloud with raindrop mobiles.  I knew as soon as I found her page that her items were for me.  Bright, eye catching and different.  I could really see one of her mobiles working in baby's room.  The tough part was deciding what to go for.  I must admit I was very tempted by one of her smaller rainbow cloud mobiles (a gorgeous mobile with lots of tiny clouds) but in the end I decided I wanted to make a bold statement with a cloud and raindrops mobile.

Images: All via Claireoncloud9
I got in touch with Claire and she replied very quickly   I wanted to place a custom order because I wanted to choose the colour of the raindrops.  Claire had our mobile finished and posted out within days - honestly, within a week I had the mobile up in baby's room!  She was lovely to correspond with, in touch with me regularly.  Our mobile cost £30 which I think is very reasonable for an item that has been handmade, that I was able to have some say in in terms of colour choice.  The quality of Claire's work is great and I love that we have something so original and different in baby's room.

Our cloud mobile in situ
If you are looking for something to decorate a child's room, or any room really, a mobile with a difference, a cushion your child will love to hug, I'd recommend you check out Claire's Etsy and Facebook pages.  Or just ask her a question!  She's very helpful and responds quickly!


  1. I have these on my favourites bit on Etsy, they are beautiful x


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