Friday 1 August 2014

Great Plains Jumpsuit Review

I've really got into jumpsuits in the last year or so.  I actually have quite a few in my wardrobe and I'm starting to think that you really can't have too many!  You can have retro jumpsuits, smart "going out" jumpsuits and chillied out hanging our with the kids style jumpsuits.

I've just recently become the owner of one that could easily go from day to night though - very handy!  Meet my newest jumpsuit from Great Plains.  I've been putting it to the test and I can confirm it really is comfy yet stylish.

Great Plains Jumpsuit

We're about to set off on our holiday soon and I'm very excited about packing this jumpsuit.  It's going to be my go-to piece.  It'll be great for a day trip or sight seeing.   It'll even work down on the beach.. but best of all, if I pop on some heels I'll be able to rock it for an evening out!  This is the kind of item you need in your suitcase.

I really like how it looks when teamed with my red Lotta from Stockholm cloggs.  I've made the trousers more tapered and cropped by rolling them up a little and buttoned down the front for a more "evening" look:

Great Plains Jumpsuit

Something I do worry about with jumpsuits is how flattering they are.  I love how they feel to wear and do like how the look from the front.  It's the side and back views I worry about.  Ultimately, it's not enough to stop me wearing them, but it is something I think about.  On my more "sensitive" days when I feel more cautious about what I'm wearing, I usually avoid them!

Does my bum look big in this?
I love the pattern on this jumpsuit.  If you look closely at it, you can see if consists of lots of tiny flowers.  From a distance though, it looks like a geometric print.  And I am very into geometric at the moment - another reason for me to love it!! I'm guessing that's why it's called Geo Jane!

Great Plains Jumpsuit

I'm going to have a lot of fun with this number in my wardrobe!

Great Plains Jumpsuit
***I was provided with this jumpsuit by Great Plains for the purpose of review.  All views expressed are truthful and my own***

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  1. Love this jumpsuit! I have a plain black one that I must say is now a wardrobe staple!
    You look lovely! Long live the jumpsuit! :-)

  2. Love this jumpsuit, the pattern and colour is fab. Really suits you x

  3. Ooh I like this a lot! For some reason I've not tried a jumpsuit, a think maybe they're trickier to pull off when you're short and curvy like me (boo!) and there's often little choice in the petite sections. You look so fab in this one - love the print. xxx

  4. Looks cool! I've been thinking about getting a jumpsuit and I think you may have convinced me.

  5. Just received this jumpsuit - how do you get in to it? The picture shows buttons right down
    the front! Do like it - but no good if you need to struggle to get in to it.


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