Thursday 28 August 2014

Trendy Thursday - First Shoes With Clarks

This week for Trendy Thursday I'm going to share with you our Clarks "First Shoes" experience.

I was recently contacted on behalf of Clarks and asked if either of my boys would like to try some shoes from their range.  We decided that as Felix hadn't been measured it would a be a great opportunity.

We ended up combining the first shoe purchase along with a long planned trip to Clarks Village.  We are lucky to live fairly close to it and usually visit at least once a year.  I find it a good place to get measuring done and the outlet shop is good for school shoes!

Clarks Village
Let's get our feet measured!

Both boys got measured.  I wanted to check that Ethan's feet would be OK for the school shoes he already had.  It seemed to me that they hadn't grown at all in the last year and this proved to be the case (crazy - how can his feet not have grown?!).  At least he can stay in the same school shoes for a while longer.  This is proof of the quality of the shoes, he's worn them for a whole school year and they are still going strong!

Felix took to the measuring experience very well.  These days they have fancy measuring machines that you stand on and ipads to help the shop assistance measure - very clever stuff!!  As Felix was unlikely to stand still for them, they used a hand held more traditional measuring device which was just fine.  As it was something new to him he was calm and didn't try to fight the shop assistant off - thankfully!

Measuring feet at Clarks

After we'd got the boys measured (Ethan was still a 9F and Felix came in at a 5G) we went to have a look around to see if there was anything that took our fancy.  We were in the large outlet shop so I was quite hopeful.  Nothing jumped out at me though.  My only real criticism with Clarks is the choice for boys.  It seems to me there is quite a lot to choose from online (though still far less than for girls) but in the actual shop, there were really only about 3 different styles in Felix's size.  Even in larger sizes the choice was out of maybe 4, perhaps 5 styles.  And they were all brown or blue.. perhaps a bit of khaki green and of course black for school shoes.

Feeling a little disappointed we left the shop.  All was not lost though, because a full price shop was also on site just around the corner.

As soon as we stepped in the door I was a little more hopeful.  Although the selection was still small there were quite a few styles that hadn't been in the other shop.  There were some quite funky looking trainers and some cool smart looking shoes that stood out with day-glow laces.  They really grabbed my attention and a lovely looking grey pair with green day-glow laces were on the shelf in Felix's size.

I asked a shop assistant if we could try them.  The answer was yes, of course, but we were also offered what Clarks call the "First Shoes Experience".  We thought this would be fun, so of course, we said yes!  The First Shoes Experience is basically the same as a normal children's shoe fitting but you get a photograph taken, a little leaflet telling you all about how children's feet grow and a record card on which you record your child's foot size each time they get measured.

Clarks First Shoes Experience

The sales assistant servicing us was lovely, very attentive.  I felt we received great one to one attention and I had confidence that the shoes were being fitted correctly.  Especially because they ask another member of staff to check the fitting of the shoes.  Very reassuring.

The shoes fitted Felix perfectly and he was soon tearing around the shop causing mayhem in his new kicks.  He even attempted to shop lift them by running out of the shop several times.  The looked adorable on him so we were very happy to take them.

Since then Felix has worn the shoes on many occasions.  They appear to be very comfortable for him, he hasn't experienced any rubbing on his feet or toes.  He walks very well in them.  They aren't big and clompy, he can run about in them freely.

I'm always happy to recommend Clarks.  I do love their quality and service.  I wish they'd broaden their stock for boys and I wish their girls section wasn't so pink, it does seem a little dated to me.  There are some gorgeous unisex styles that I think they could be stocking.  I'm sure something a little retro would go down a treat.  Overall though, I feel confident when I buy from Clarks.  I know my child's' feet will be well looked after.

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**I was provided with a voucher with which to purchase Clarks shoes but all views and opinions expressed are my own**


  1. Great shoes. I do like Clarks shoes but I guess for girls they have a lot more choice. I have to say, we weren't given the first shoes experience. We were told they were too busy to do it and would have to go back for a photograph if we wanted one, which was a shame as I think its a lovely little momento.

  2. Fab review Alex. I have to admit I have never bought shoes for the boys in Clark's. We had a very bad experience with them when we had Seb measured for the first time(told totally the wrong size) and I've heard lots of people having the same issues. I am also not keen on the actual shoes but I do like those trainers Felix has x

  3. Looks like Felix's experience went better than N's who was not keen to be in Clarks for his first shoes!

    My experience since then hasn't been great on the fitting plus as you say, the choice for boys is pretty shocking if you want anything other than black. We're lucky that we've got a couple of very good independents near us so we've got some more choice, plus obviously online for ordering if we know the size we want.

  4. We went for the whole Clarks first shoes experience, although it was for the second pair of shoes we bought :) Got the first pair, then went to get a second pair, and they told us about the pictures then, better late than never I guess :D They do seem very comfy, so very pleased with them!

    Nice linky btw, found it through another linky :)


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