Tuesday 26 August 2014

Rock Your Kicks - the new way to get the coolest shoes in town!

I was trawling the internet last night, as I often do, when I stumbled across something that really caught my eye.  Rock Your Kicks.

What is Rock Your Kicks, you're mumbling under your breath.. Well, to quote the makers, it is "the ultimate paint kit for canvas sneakers" (or trainers/pumps to us British folk!).  Individual eye-catching footwear is really where it's at just now.  I've been into making my shoes individual for as long as I can remember.. back in the day I'd paint my DMs with Tip-ex and thread beads onto the laces.  These days it's adding bright laces to converse and a pair of Shwings.

Ethan loves all of his funky shoes.  I love mine.  We'd love to take it to the next level, I know it!

So, what do you get in a kit?

* 1 canvas practice swatch
* 1 paint pallet
* 5 custom label soft acrylic paint mixtures
* 3 paint brushes
* 1 custom stencil
* 1 instruction pamphlet

And what's the idea?  The kit is aimed at children and adults alike.  Everyone likes a bit of customisation, don't they?  As long as you have a pair of canvas shoes hanging around that could do with a bit of funking up, then you're ready to go!  You can use the stencils provided or freehand,  it's entirely up to you.  The Rock Your Kicks mission is to:

"Encourage creative expression in all kids, young and old and to inspire art, laughter and joy worldwide."

Fair enough, I say!

There is another reason I'm writing about Rock Your Kicks today.  They are using Kickstarter to help get themselves launched and they have only 4 days left to reach their $10,000 goal.

This is where you lovely lot come in.  If this is something you think you and your children would love, perhaps you'd like to get involved?  You can pledge as little as $1.  If you pledge more you will get a little something back.  For example, if you pledge $15 you will receive a special backpack.  If you pledge $34 you will receive a Rock Your Kicks pack.  The more you pledge, the more you get.  And the more you'll be helping them out!

Something else worth knowing is that Rock Your Kicks will be donating 5% of their net proceeds to charity in the forms of cash and product.  I do like a company who give back!

You can find out all about Rock Your Kicks and donate here.

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