Saturday 20 September 2014

Water play

What is it with children and water?  Both of mine love it whether it's hot or cold.  They are both a bit funny about it, both Ethan and Felix love to fill a paddling pool but neither of them are really interested in paddling in it.  Ethan loves a bath but doesn't like to have Felix in with him because he gets splashed.  Felix loves spray a hosepipe but hates it if it gets turned on him...

They are both happiest when they get to take turns "watering" the garden.  It's just as well we've not had a hosepipe ban round our way in a while!

I could choose to get hung up on the fact that neither of them want to get in the paddling pools that I've bought for them, but I've decided just to go with it, if they are happiest playing with the hosepipe for a bit, so be it!

Do your children love a paddling pool or are they like mine, do they prefer to brandish a hosepipe or run through the sprinklers?

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  1. These photos are perfect
    Water is the best fun (and I don't like having my face splashed when I'm in the bath with Penn!)

  2. I bet when you are least expecting it they will choose to fill and play in the paddling pool together. Children like to do things their way and come to things in their own time, I think you are wise to let them enjoy their hosepipe fun for now in turns and see what develops. Thank you for sharing some adorable photos of their play on Country Kids


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