Monday 27 April 2015

Gardening around kids

Since we had the boys it's been quite tricky to work in the garden.  I don't know if it's the personality or age of our boys but actually managing to get anything beyond the absolute basics in the garden has proven hard.  They are far more interested in mucking about and getting messy...

When Ethan was a tiny baby I remember Pete mowing the lawn whilst he was in a sling.  In fact, I remember him doing the same when Felix was tiny, Ethan playing in in his "cafe" and Felix in the tula baby carrier!

Once Felix got to be a bit older it was much much harder.  He's such a pickle, always into things.  Last year we had a really big problem with him picking up stones, trying to eat them and throwing bigger ones around.  Not content with trying to eat mud or sand once or twice he would eat handfuls over and over again.  Pulling down plants, stamping in flowerbeds.. Really it's a wonder our garden looks as good as it does!

We are the first to admit we are not really "gardeners".  We like a nice garden.  We enjoy being in one, looking at it out of the window.  Truthfully though?  We don't want to put too much effort in.  It just isn't us!  We'd much rather be playing with the boys out there.  We've designed our garden to fit in with us so it takes minimal effort.  We prune and trim when it needs doing, we tidy the leaves when they fall but you won't find us out there making our fingers green for hours.  Our boys won't allow it and we don't want it!

Thanks for keeping the lawn trimmed Mum & Dad!!
Probably the most important thing to keep on top of is the lawn.  As long as the lawn looks neat it's surprising what else you can get away with! We found it was well worth investing in a good strimmer.  Secondly, it's a good idea to research lawnmowers and find one that suits your garden.  Our lawn is quite small so we new we'd be fine with a small flymo type lawnmower.  Once you've got those two bits of essential equipment, get out there as often as you can during the spring/summer/autumn months and mow away!  On a personal note I've found that if you mow every week or every other week it takes a lot less time to mow.  Leave it a month or more and you'll have a tougher job on your hands!

What do you find most essential in the garden?


  1. It's amazing what difference a lawn appropriate mower makes - we had a flymo when we moved in which was perfect for OH's garden in his old house. Sadly it quickly fell apart on our slopey big lawn and the lawn itself is poor quality, full of little bumps and lumps. We decided to invest in a new one and now it makes such light work of the lawn it's amazing (and sucks up all the leaves from the oak trees at the back too, bonus!) X

  2. Yup, it's very true!! A flymo would do NOTHING on my parents lawn. Mind you, there's is so big they could almost do with one of those ride on jobs!! I love the idea of one that sucks the leaves up though! Score! x


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