Friday 1 May 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Twinning

Twinning.  It's a bit of a controversial subject I'd think.  After all, I know people who find the idea of dressing their kids in similar or matching outfits abhorrent (there was a time when I wasn't keen on it myself!).

Do you know what I mean by twinning?  It's all over Instga these days darling!  Getting all matchy matchy with the sprogs in your life.

When I just had Ethan I would sometimes see some families where the children were matching each other and I'd think it a bit tacky.. but like a lot of things in parenting (and life) when your situation changes you suddenly find yourself changing your mind.  You're pregnant with baby no2 and suddenly those Big Brother Little Brother tees don't look so bad.. no, they look cute!  You have two children and suddenly it becomes thrilling when you find shoes that match in their exact (different) sizes.  And then.. you walk around the corner in TKMaxx and... what's this?  THEY HAVE THE SAME SHOES IN MY SIZE TOOO!!  What if I... no... I couldn't, could I?  BUT IT'D BE SOOOOO CUTE!!!

See?  It creeps up on you! Somehow I find it amusing if we go on a family outing and all 4 of us are rocking our chucks.  They might not all the the exact same colour, but we all have a pair of converse, Pete included!  Then there's the DMs.  Both my boys have a pair of black patent DMs and I have a pair of mat black ones.  I love it if we're all wearing them!

You can go a step further too!  Lots of the independent brands I find on Insta these days have some of their stock sized for kids and adults.  You can get matching items from Hello Apparel (stocked at Southwood Stores in the UK) and Whistle and Flute.  One of my fave online shops, The Dandy Kid, have recently got some exclusive stock - they have snagged Scandinavian inspired Canadian brand The Wild kids apparel.  I am excited about this because they have designs in adult sizes as well as kids!

The Wild kids apparel The Dandy Kid

Their designs are simple, modern, quirky and appeal to children and adults alike.  Personally I love the owl and lumberjack designs.  I'm really hoping that The Dandy Kid start to stock some of their other designs too!!

What are your thoughts on twinning?  Do you do it?  Would you do it?

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Happy Friday all!


  1. Sarah MumofThree World1 May 2015 at 11:53

    My daughter and I both have green Converse and we used to both have pink. My younger son and my husband have identical Adidas trainers. I often dressed my boys the same when they were little - if I liked the outfit, why would I only buy one? I'd happily wear the same Tshirt as any of my kids. Actually, as my hubby, both my boys and I all wear Superdry, I guess we do!

  2. Fantastic!! I'm glad to hear that :-) Thanks for linking! x

  3. I don't do it but I have to say that I'd definitely wear some of the stuff the girls wear if they did it in my size! Loving the owl tops above xx

  4. Gorgeous prints there. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday, please do link back or add my badge, thanks :)


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