Thursday 14 May 2015

Funky Lighting!

We're a bit obessed with lights in our house.  One of Ethan's first words was "light".  He loves lights.  Almost everything he draws includes a detailed amount of street lighting.  If he draws a house, every room has lights in it.  He has always paid attention to detail.  He loves a good light!

There's so much cool lighting around just now.  I just found these beauties for sale with The Kid Who:

Pineapple Light, Funky Light, The Kid Who

I mean, who doesn't want a bit light up pineapple in their house?  Come on.  Everyone wants one! I do then....

And look! Awwwww! A baby bunny light! Too cute:

Bunny Night Light, Kids Lighting, The Kid Who

These are adorable too!

House light, night light, The Kid Who

We can't be the only ones who love lights?  How about your family?


  1. YES! Although from a slightly different perspective obvs since we don't have children. One of the very first blog posts I wrote when I started Boo and Maddie was about my random light fetish and for our home office I bought the pendant lamp before I'd even ripped out the old walls (gotta get those priorities right!) X

  2. Yeah, we would still have loved lights even without the boys!! I want some of those beautiful metal light shades, light cages, is that what they're called?

  3. Yes I love those too! Check out a company called Nuvarti, they're fab for lighting x


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