Thursday 21 May 2015

Farm Fest 2015 - Festival prep

When I was a teenager, one thing I always wanted to do was to go to Glastobury festival.  Every year it got close to Glasto time I would start to feel a bit sad.  A sense of loss would pervade me.  Yet again I hadn't made it.  Of course, in my early teens that was unlikely anyway.. but I always thought I would make it there in my late teens or twenties.

It didn't happen.  I finished at school, I didn't go to Uni, my friends moved to different parts of the country.  Glasto was pricey, I wasn't earning much money.. it just didn't happen.  Pete wasn't overly bothered about going to a festival.

Fast forward to 2009, I was heavily pregnant with Ethan and Pete got the chance to work at Glastonbury as part of the police web/media team.  He didn't stay overnight (I was due any day) but drove there every day.  Despite the fact he was working he did get to experience Glasto and soak up the festival vibes.  He ended up working there again in 2011.  Have I made it there yet?  No.

My desires and wants have changed in life.  I am now in my *cough* early thirties and I have two children.  These days I'm just not to fussed about the idea of going to Glasto.  Pete tells me it's huge.  I don't want to go to some massive over priced festival.  I like the idea of going somewhere small.  For me, it'd be more about live music, a chilled out feel and the chance to be with my family.

I started looking into smaller UK festivals. There are quite a few out there that pride themselves on staying small, intimate and family friendly.  That's just what we want!  One that jumped out at me was Farm Fest.  First of all, it's not far from us.  Secondly, we know lots of people who have gone and loved it.  Thirdly, it is very family focused.

The Farm Fest team have been very kind and offered to let us attend their festival so we can help spread the word.   I will  be going with Pete and the boys and will be posting pics on Instagram and tweeting whilst we are there.  After the even I'll be posting a detailed review on here with lots of pics.  In the meantime though, it's all about the prep!

We are essentially, as a family, Festival Virgins.  Can you help us?  What do we really need?  What can we leave behind?

Our first thought was a tent so we bid on one on eBay and went to pick it up last week.  That's that sorted.  Ethan already has a "ready bed" so he's sorted but we need to get one for Felix and one for ourselves.  Do you think we should get a ready bed?  Or just separate sleeping bags and a bed roll?

I'm thinking it will be advisable to take a lot of loo roll, antibac lotion, wet wipes, sun cream, hats, sunnies, wellies, rain gear.  We have bought a special charger.  You charge it up from mains power and then you can use it to recharge your phone, camera etc.  So we shouldn't have any issues using our phones whilst away.

Shall we take gin in a plastic bottle?

Only old clothes I'm thinking...  Lots of snacks for the kids!

I could really do with your advice so get commenting below or tweet me!!  And if you fancy coming yourself, go grab a ticket!

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