Saturday 2 May 2015

Instaspiration - Lovelane Designs

Ahhh, it's that time again.  The time when I can try to ease my craving to shop by enabling everyone else instead!

There are so many wonderful indipendant brands out there now across the world that I think this feature could roll on forever but today I'm very happy to introduce to you Lovelane Designs.  Of course, you might have heard of them before.. but as they are in the US you might not.

I can't remember exactly how or when I stumbled across Lovelane.  It might even have been a random finding on Etsy, but I know it was over 6 months ago and I've been lusting after their beautiful designs ever since.

As Felix's second birthday approaches (yes, I know, how?!) I started to think about what to get him and it seemed to me to be the perfect time to order one of Lovelane's wonderful superhero capes!

Lovelane Designs

Kids love dressing up and I love kids dressing up but I'm not really a big fan of branded tacky costumes.  There's a time and a place, of course, but I prefer handmade and tasteful where possible!  This is where Lovelane comes in.  Her gorgeous designs appeal to kids but the don't offend adults sensibilities.  On top of that, they are incredibly well made and are the kind of thing that you're grandchildren are going to enjoy too - I know, think of that!! It's an heirloom piece folks, you can't not buy one!!

Our cape arrived on Friday and I'm captivated by it.  It pains me to have to hide it in my wardrobe for the next 24 days.  I might just have to get it out from time to time and spin around in it myself.  I hope Felix loves it.  I'm pretty sure his brother is going to pinch it!

Lovelane don't just make capes.  There are amazing hats and cuffs that match and even (hilariously but I love it) pet teepees!!

Lovelane Designs Pet TeePee
Well hi there!

You go Lovelane!  You rock :-)

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