Saturday 11 April 2015

Instaspiration - Chapter One

Yay! I love writing this feature.  How can I not?!  Instagram is just about my favorite online "place".  I can whittle away many an hour there.  Buying things as a result of seeing them on there is impossible to avoid.

Today I'm going to share with you a brand I stumbled upon the other day.  I think I might have heard about them once before a while ago but I must have forgotten to follow.  Clicking on something someone else had posted I found myself there.  And then I found myself placing a big order!

I'd like to introduce you to Chapter One.  Chapter One stock their own handmade teething jewelry and accessories and a range of very cool statement tees.

I've got into teething jewelry big time.  When I had Ethan is was in it's infancy.  These days there are a few larger well known brands but there are also quite a few smaller brands popping up.  The choice of beads and thread has really improved and the jewelry made is so gorgeous that I would happily wear it whether it was child safe or not (please note, but child safe I still mean supervised).  Felix is teething a bit again at the moment because his back molars are coming through, so he's been quite chewy again.  In my experience though, loads of children enjoy chewing beyond baby and toddlerhood!  Ethan has quite a few chewy necklaces and bangles.  He doesn't always chew on them but it's nice to know he won't wreck them if he does chew on them and it stops him sucking/chewing on his sleeves (kids eh?!).

Chapter One Teething Jewelry

I ordered a necklace for me to wear.  Something else I like is that if the necklaces are pulled on they just come undone from the safety clasp.  Even if Felix never chews on this necklace at least I know he won't break it!

Chapter One Teething Jewelry

I ordered a bracelet as well, either for me or one of the boys,  I'm hoping it'll be big enough for me to wear it.  My wrists are pretty small!

I couldn't resist ordering one of the tees.  It was a tricky choice but I opted for one of the ice lolly prints because I think it'll look fab in the summer!

Chapter One T shirts

I can't wait for my order to arrive.  In the meantime I think you should go check them out!

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