Tuesday 8 September 2015

Decor inspiration for kids rooms

I've mentioned a few times that we are moving house.  Ever since we accepted an offer on our house and had our offer accepted on another house, I have been thinking about decorating.  I am slightly scared of the work that will need doing when we move (bathrooms, kitchen, carpets etc) but I am very excited about having a blank canvas again!

The rooms I am most excited about are the boys rooms.  Decorating children's rooms is so much fun.  One of the reasons I love Instagram so much is that there's just so much wonderful kids decor inspiration on there.  I think my boys already have pretty cool rooms but I'm looking forward to starting afresh in the new place.

I'm thinking white walls, feature posters/walls, cool shelves..  My boys already have the makings of super cool rooms but I think with the right carpets and walls they could really come alive.  Ethan likes the idea of a Minecraft theme so we're thinking maybe a Minecraft mural on one of the walls.  He's asked if his bedding could be made to look like a Minecraft bed (easy enough, a red duvet cover and a white pillow case!).  I love the idea of getting Ethan a high sleeper at some point.  I adore the way high sleepers allow you even more floor space to play with.  Plus you get the thrill of sleeping up high.. And, to be entirely honest, it's one of those things I always wanted as kid but never got.  Like a slide from a bed.  Wow, I would love something like that.. Nothing like vicariously living through your child!

For Felix, I want to go very Monochrome.  I am in the process of making a car play mat for him.  I fell in love with a car mat/rug that H&M were selling, it was black and white, but it went out of stock far too quickly.  So I thought, why not make my own?  I've bought a large piece of black faux leather/PVC type material and a white fabric pen.  I'm going to cut it to size and then draw on roads and a town!  I hope that it'll look good and make a nice focal point for his new room.  I'll have to feature that on the blog when it's done.

Humpty Dumpty room decoration, homify, kids bedrooms, monochrome
Designer: Humpy Dumpty Room Decoration via homify
I think the biggest issue I'm going to have is knowing when to stop.  Probably never.  What with Instagram, Pinterest and all the other websites dedicated to decor inspiration I'm going to need a bottomless purse!  Talking of cool inspirational websites, I stumbled across homify.  I think they have images of just about everything decor-wise you could imagine on there!  Slides from beds?  Check! Colour schemes? Check.  It's endless.

Image Source: homify.  Designer: Raumdeuter
I'm not sure if I ever will live out the fantasy of a slide from a bed but it is such an epic idea.  What I love about all these cool rooms is how they inspire creativity and imagination.  I can't imagine a child wanting to leave rooms like these either, which is great for parents;  nice and easy to have a cheeky cake, coffee and book break that way!

I love the colours used by designer Desjeux Delaye in this room.  It still has a monochrome feel.  I love the softness of the grey and the colour pop of the blue.  Good sturdy looking ladder as well!

Designer: Desjeux Delaye via homify
For now, I will have to be happy with taking screenshots from websites, pinning on Pinstagram and loving photos on Insta.. in the hopes that one day soon folks will be doing the same with the images I share of my boys news rooms!  Not long now, I hope...

Where do you like to get decoration inspiration from?  Or are you a source of inspiration yourself?!

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