Friday 4 September 2015

Funky Kid Friday - AW15

It's Friday, so it must be Funky Kid!  Here we are for our weekly fashion fix..

I have to be honest, over the last few weeks I've been debating whether to keep FKF running or whether to throw in the Bobo Choses towel.. I know that I've not done it justice for a while.  I am rubbish at actually commenting on your lovely posts and I feel terrible about that.  I know that I need to make more effort.  Otherwise what is the point in you guys linking up?  I know this is a small linky but it's never going to get any bigger if I can't even make the effort with a few peeps joining in.  I think I find it tricky because at the moment the only time I can really do blog stuff is when Felix is at nursery.  Which is for 5 hours a week.  In those 5 hours I have to try to fit in the house work and other chores as well.  Felix continues to be a very full on child who requires constant interaction and supervision.  He doesn't really nap any more, is often not asleep until 8:30/9pm and wakes at 5:30am.  There is very little time for anything!  Everything in my life has slipped.  Exercise?  Forget it!  Anything I want to do comes at the cost of me getting enough sleep.  As we are in the process of moving house I am trying to sell as many of our bits and bobs that we no longer need..  I also have various craft projects on the go.  Most nights I get to bed a bit after 1am and I'm often up with Felix by 5:30am.  So I am chronically tired.  Leading to a need for a coffee, treat and wine every day!!!  I know much of this isn't unusual for a parent of young children, but it's my reason for being a bit crappy with blogging.

All that said, I don't want to give up on FKF yet.  I'm going to try to schedule some reminders on my phone to get me to visit the blogs who've linked up.  I try not to do too much social media stuff when Felix is awake because it always seems a little neglectful to me.  I'm also going to give a little back.  I've decided to add an extra feature to FKF - my pick of my fave outfit from the previous week!  This will give you guys a little shout out :-)

OK, enough blah.  On to the fashion.  In the last few weeks we've seen super cool brands like Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Indikidua, Beau Loves and Pop Up Shop launching their AW15 ranges.  As these are quite high end brands, I can't afford to get everything in the collections - that would bankrupt us!! But I do try to get one or two items from most of the ranges.  So far I've bought a few Bobo items and one from Mini Rodini.

This season BoBo have an outdoorsy feel with their "The Unknown Mountain Journey".  I love all the new prints, in particular the moon print.  I'm a sucker for anything with a moon on.   I've got a moon print raglan tee for Felix, a moon print denim bag and a gorgeous snuggly warm infinity scarf - which I'll probably wear myself!

Mini Rodini are all about animals in their prints with a bit of a jungle feel this time.  I am completely in love with the peacock print so that was a must for me.  I got a sweater for Ethan to wear.  It's stunning.

Bobo Choses Mini Rodini AW15 Peacock, Moon, Mountain

As always with these brands, the quality is fantastic.  Which you would expect, for the price.  Whenever the boys are wearing their new items or I use the moon bag, I have a big smile on my face.  I love how cheering they are!

Have you bought anything from the new ranges?  Please do link up your kids fashion posts below.  Next week I'll be featuring my first fave outfit!

Happy Friday! X

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