Sunday 9 October 2011

"Are you in the garden doing a poo?"

So, this morning, whilst doing the ironing I overheard a telephone conversation between Ethan and my parent's Dog, Alfie. An imaginary conversation of course, on Ethan's toy phone, but no doubt it was real enough for him. I'm going to transcribe it here because I nearly burnt a hole in Pete's shirt listening to it. Please note I have no record of Alfie's responses ;-D

"Hello Alfie!"

"Are you playing with a ball? Have you had water from your bowl?"

"Splash splash SPLASH!"

"Are you in the garden? Yes? Yes! Are you in the garden doing a poo?"

"Pooo! Manky!"

"Have you done a wee wee?"

"OK. Yes. Playing with doll house now. Bye bye Alfie!"

Now.. do I need to be concerned about my child's obsession with a dogs bowel movements?!


  1. oh how sweeet!! my girls went through the 'poo-obsessed' stage too.... they grow out of it. Eventually. but too cute :) Thanks for following my blog over @thelovebump !! Good to know you found me thru Lise - she CRACKS me up! have joined to yours through Friend Connect xx

  2. Thanks Kerry! Lise's blog is fab as is she :)

    Glad to know they grow out of it...but it is funny!! (I know it's sad still finding poo related stuff funny..) x


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