Sunday 16 October 2011

Bye bye "Buggy Night Night"

Ethan is 2 years three months now (or 27 months for those of you who still count in months!!) and I think we are now at the end of a regular nap-time.

Mothering is so tricky. You think you've just got a handle on something and BANG, they change again! Ethan's naps have been so important to me. It's such an important break for both of us. He gets a rest, but I get time to be quiet, read a book.. just relax! He stopped napping in his cot at around 11 months old. He would just scream and scream if left in there. He's always napped well in his buggy, so I just stopped bothering with the cot and he would have "buggy night night" instead. It's always worked pretty well for us. It was fantastic for weight-loss, always having to walk him off to sleep. It would mean I would also be out of the house (whenever I brought him back in the buggy he'd wake up) so normally I'd go and sit in a park or go to a coffee shop, get a coffee and read. If I were at home I'd be cleaning or doing something else. It was a good forced break for me.

Recently though, Ethan's taken to waking up early in the morning. For a long time he's been a pretty good 7pm-7am sleeper, give or take illness, teething, growth spurts etc.. For the last couple of weeks, if he's napped in the day he'd be waking up any time from 5am the next day. I cannot start my day at 5am!!

Today, I'd had enough. It's Sunday today. And we were woken at 5am. Boo hoo hooooo. Today I vowed he would not nap. He hasn't. He's yawned a bit here and there but generally gone through the day in a good mood. He went to bed well, didn't stay awake chatting for ages. So far so good. I'll update tomorrow with his wake up time!!

Wish us luck!

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