Wednesday 19 October 2011

Autumn Activities

I love Autumn and I find it lends itself towards fun cheap activities to do with a toddler.

The one we love the most and one of the cheapest is a walk in the woods. Ethan loves foraging and collecting. Sticks become all sorts of things for him - broomsticks, aeroplanes, walking sticks etc.... his imagination is endless. There is so much to collect at this time of year. Ethan grabs his little bag and off we go! Acorns, conkers, pine cones and needles, leaves etc.. Our house is full of them!

Walking and collecting can use up a couple of hours easily and wear out your little one good and proper and when you get home and when you get home an easy activity is to make a collage with some of the items collected!! (Assuming they aren't crisp packets or worse... ick!). All you need is some card and the PVA.

I think I was more excited than Ethan when we did this recently but he did enjoy getting sticky with the glue! We ended up with a cute little "Autumn" collage which is now mounted with pride!!

I have another use in mind for all of the pine cones currently in residence around our house. At the moment they are "decorating" the bookshelf in the living room.. but in the run up to Christmas I'm going to spray paint them gold and silver (I won't be doing that bit with Ethan's help, he doesn't need the help of pain fumes to get hyper!). Once they are dry the next day he can help me stick ribbons onto them and there you have it - cheap yet cute tree decorations that have a story behind them. They won't be perfect, but I can bring them out and embarrass him with them every year.. rather like the Father Christmas I made from a loo roll when I was 3 that my mum still brings out..

Look! We even managed to accessorise!!

One thing to note when collecting things; children are all different, but Ethan loves collecting stones. I often find him grabbing handfuls of stones from peoples driveways. Trying to describe the rules of property and what constitutes stealing to a two year old is somewhat difficult... so you might need to closely monitor what they are collecting up!!

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