Thursday 6 October 2011

Get involved!

What a world this is.. Hubby and I are currently cuddled up in bed. We're on holiday at Centre Parcs, Longleat, but more of that another day... Anyway, here I am blogging on the iPad and he's next to me watching videos about minecraft on his phone.. Honestly!

The reason for this quick post tonight is really to ask a favour of you, my lovely readers (commence butt sucking). I have a favour to ask. I've got a few ideas about blog posts that I want to write, but I've been wondering if there is anything the people reading would like me to blog about. So basically, I'm after your requests! Is there something you'd like me to write about? More housework tips and shortcuts? Something on how to get hold of funky but cheap kids clothes? eBay advice? Or even, if there are enough requests for it, tales of my most embarrassing drunken escapades. Or just generally embarrassing things that have happened to me. I collect embarrassing moments. I managed to flash a man and his toddler this morning only to bump into them both again later in the day so it shouldn't be hard for me come up with some embarrassing stories for you. It's hard to look someone in the eye when passing them on a footpath when you're pretty sure they've had to fend of questions from their child that morning along the lines of "why is that lady in that window naked daddy? Why is she trying to hide behind a curtain?". Oh, and I through a paddy that Ethan would be proud of this morning in a bowling ally.. SAD woman.

So.. Yep. Your suggestions if you please! Just comment below with what you'd like me to write about and I shall oblige! And may I take his moment to say how much I appreciate it when I get a comment, I know people read and that is already fantastic but its an extra boost when I get a comment! I also know however that many of my readers are very busy parents with little time to comment. So I know why I don't get loads! I love the fact people are reading though!

Right then.. Time for me to get some rest.. Just got to make sure I lie in a certain position in the bed due to my bruised and scratched coccyics. Well, if I must ride the rapids with my eyes closed..

Night all!


  1. I love your posts about style. I'm not really bothered about fashion for Rory and I'm hardly well dressed, but it still interests me seeing what you two have been buying and wearing - you write so well about it and you have such a distinctive style.

  2. Thanks lise! I'll make sure to do a post about what we're wearing at the moment! It's a good time to do it actually because it's a change of season and ethan's wardrobe has had a recent clear out so from his 1-2 age clothed to 2-3 bits... Any more suggestions let me know! Oh, I keep meaning to tell you that I keep dreaming about you, Rory and pants!


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