Monday 24 October 2011

What's in that box?

My Mum kept everything from my childhood. She even kept all the terry nappies.. I never realised until I had Ethan how much she had kept. Thank God they have a large loft and garage to store things in. Ethan has often worn clothes that were mine, my brothers or even my cousins (who were born in 1972). I love the fact he gets to wear some original 70s and 80s garb!! However, all that is nothing compared to the BOXES AND BOXES OF TOYS!! It's like one day my parents just grabbed all of the toys from the toy cupboards in the playroom and dumped them in boxes and away they went until recently.

One of Ethan's favourite things (and mine... and my Mum's if I'm honest!) is picking a box at random and spending an afternoon exploring the contents. It's amazing how much stuff you've forgotten about until you pull it out of a box some 20 or more years later. All these memories come flooding back. Of course for Ethan it's just new exciting stuff.

We did this recently so I thought I'd share a few photos.

Look! Observe the box! Mmmm, no frills minced beef and onion pies - they sound good right?! A tasteful hat knitted by my Grandma has been found and put on. Ethan has also found a skipping rope.. I am somewhat concerned because the day before he attempted to eat a leather one leaving dark brown marks all over his face that DID NOT WANT TO GO!!

Mmm, nice wicker barbie furniture and a troll.. I had A LOT of trolls.

Probably the best thing we found. Ethan enjoyed making the leg walk all over the place. At least we didn't come across the barbie I'd "turned into" a man. I cut it's hair short and made it a willy and a pair of balls from loo paper and glue.

Perhaps some things are best left in the past?!

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