Monday 7 November 2011

Fuzzy Felt!

Anyone remember fuzzy felt? I remember whiling away the hours as a child playing with it. Just the name "Fuzzy Felt" brings back warm fuzzy (haha) feelings of afternoons relaxing at home creating weird and wonderful pictures.

Can you still buy it? I'm not sure.. let me go and have a look... Why! Yes you can. Amazon have it

We got given some recently. I hid it away in the garage, with half a mind to give it to Ethan as a Christmas present. However, he spotted it in it's lame hiding place today and asked what it was and could we play with it. I thought why not. I lost our Kindle today. It fell out of the buggy when we were walking this afternoon.. someone found it and within 10 mins of it being lost they had downloaded themselves a book (Caitlin Moran's "How to be a woman" - good taste, but what A-HOLES...). The reason I'm telling you this (apart from my outrage needing an outlet) is that it was a damp, dark and cold afternoon and I was feeling pissed off and when Ethan found the fuzzy felt, I thought "Yes! Yes, that is just the activity we need!".

And it was!

I was surprised just how much Ethan got into it. We had a mixture of numbers and letters, a background and a load of dinosaur themed bits to play with. I would say it used up a good hour of the afternoon - that difficult part of the afternoon before tea time. Ethan loved it... He enjoyed spotting all the different numbers and making the dinosaurs roar at each other.. and making the trees blow in the wind. And he (sort of) made a picture.

It was good old fashioned fun and I'm honestly looking forward to getting it out again and will happily consider adding to our collection - it doesn't seem to pricey!

Any of you fuzzy felting with your littlies?

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