Tuesday 8 November 2011

Troubled waters...

I always think there is no nicer way to end the day spent with your toddler than with a shared bath. For us, it started as a way to encourage skin to skin when Ethan was a few days old. Since then we've never been able to bring ourselves to bath him without one of us (or even both of us!) getting in with him. If we don't, he begs us to anyway. I'm sure there will come a time when he is too mortified at the thought of looking at his parents naked bodies, but in the meantime it is honestly a lovely way to end the day...

...until that moment... you know the moment I mean. I bet there are few children out there who haven't indulged in this guilty pleasure..

Let's just say Ethan and I were sharing a bath this evening, when I suddenly noticed a piece of sweetcorn floating around in the bath. Ethan hadn't eaten corn today. He had the day before. We all know how corn has that cockroach like ability to survive anything.. being eaten and going through your digestive system? Pah! That is nothing! Look! Behold me, floating around in your bathwater! As soon as I uttered the words "Ethan, where did that corn come from?" I knew... as soon as he shifted a little I could see other suspicious looking bits...



Nothing says clean and fresh than a poo body wash, does it? Why don't Lush stock that? New! Wipe the shit off your face with this... a piece of shit!


Yup. That was a lovely way to end the day.

I'm going to scrub myself with bleach.


  1. I know I shouldn't be this gave me a much needed laugh tonight! xxx

  2. Oh no.. That's the whole point! I mean, if you can't laugh about sitting in a pile of floating poo, what can you do?! Glad it gave you a laugh :) x


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