Monday 7 May 2012

On being 30..

...So... you may well have realised I turned 30 yesterday.  Wow.  I can't say I'm worried about being 30.  What can you do?  We all know what the alternative is, and frankly I'm happier this way.  Even if I am on citalopram...

Being 30.  It makes one review one's life so far, doesn't it?  Despite all the ups and downs of the last 3 years, I am, overall, happy.  I've achieved pretty much what I thought I would have by this age.  OK, I don't have a degree and I haven't travelled the world, but I don't think I ever wanted to do a degree really, and I've been to a fair few countries!!  I am married to a lovely kind man, have a gorgeous, wonderful, lovely little boy and a very comfortable home.  We can afford (just about) for me to be a stay at home mum.  I have my corner of the internet here and have thoughts for the future.  Things seem promising.  Overall, I am in a good place.  I think that's all you can ask for.

Enough of all the vomit inducing self satisfaction.. I bet what you really want to know is just what I got up to to celebrate this BIG birthday?  Well.. let me tell you I only remember part of it.  We went out on Saturday night with a group of friends, drank expensive cocktails and spent two hours in a karaoke booth.  Beyond that I remember nothing.  I woke up Sunday morning (my birthday) being able to see.  No, I wasn't granted the miracle of 20/20 vision by God for my 30th.. Nope.. just that I still had my contacts in.  Pretty soon after that I realised that my mouth tasted of sick and that despite having my PJs on I still had on my bra, pants and tummy sucking in contraption.  I turned towards hubby to find him grinning in me in the way I have come to know as "Oh Al.  I love you, but man, you do test the limits".

Poor Pete.. Let's just say he spent a good portion of the night holding me up whilst I vomited all over the place.  In fact, in a taxi home when I started to vomit he had no choice by to let me do so into his hands.  That dear readers, is love.

I was rouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh on Sunday.  I couldn't eat a thing until 4:30pm.  Ugh.

I'll share a few photos of the evening now.. but won't include any of my friends because they probably have more shame and pride than I do ;-D

Sensible.... of course!
Pah! 30? I can take on the world!!

Quite sweet for an "old" couple..

And so it begins.. 

It's a good thing this is just a photo and not a video.. it would hurt your ears!

Yeah.. this is about where it started to go wrong.. very wrong. Do no drink cheap wine after good cocktails.. you will puke up your Pieminister shortly after..

To be honest, those photos don't show how badly down hill it went.. I know Pete and my brother have some photographic evidence of that, but really, no one needs to see that.. I can tell you that picking bits of encrusted on red wine vomit out of a troll bead bracelet is not the way I planned to spend my birthday evening.  I cannot tell you how much it stank either.

There are some nice things about my birthday though.  It really was lovely to see my friends.  I felt really happy that they travelled to see me.  I even got gifts which I really REALLY was not expecting so I feel truly blessed (*ick*).  Pete got me something really special though.  Look!

Yup.  He got a copy of The Kinks Dedicated Follower of Fashion on and got a new sleeve made up for it - Medicated Follower of Fashion!!  I love it :)

The other best present?  A lovely draw full of Emma Bridgewater.  Yup.  I am that old that I get excited about plates and bowls.. but look!  Look at their beauty!


I think that's enough about me for one evening.  It's getting late and I'd better get my sleep, now I'm an old, old woman...


  1. How did I miss your birthday? Happy birthday! Welcome to club 30. It seemed scary to me when I turned 30, but at the grand old age of nearly 34, I'm quite accepting of it now.

    LOVING your presents! And now we have matching crockery - although our lovely Emma Bridgewater with stars on it is all chipped and knackered looking now as we've used it every single day since our wedding 5 years ago. v jealous that yours is all shiny and new!

    1. Thank you :) .To be honest, I think my birthday came up and surprised me!!! Don't you find having a child makes it hard to remember your own birthday? There's just not enough time to think about it. I'm amazed I managed to coordinate a night out!

      I genuinely don't feel worried about being 30. I think it sounds younger than 29 actually.. I mean 29 has a 9 in it! 2+9 = 11 V 3+0 = 3. LOL I doth protest too much!!!

      I thought you had the same EB crockery. It's so lovely. I did get seconds though.. and you really can't tell I think! So.. if you ever need to replace any, try going for the seconds! x

  2. Happy belated birthday Alex!
    Don't think I was very sorted at 30 - but got there by 40. Feel ancient though!

    1. Thank you!

      It seems generally the older we get, the more settled we get! 40 isn't ancient!

  3. Firstly, you look GORGEOUS! Nice PARTAY outfit. Secondly, it's not a proper birthday unless you're sick. Thirdly, I love The Kinks vinyl with the personalised sleeve, such a good idea! Glad you had a good one


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