Thursday 31 May 2012

Olympic Flame

Despite the fact that the Olympic Flame is due to cover 95% of the UK before the games begin, it was not due to go through our town.  However, it was going to be passing through my parents town.  Despite an early morning, we thought there was no way we could miss out on this historic opportunity, if only for Ethan.  Yes, it's entirely possible he won't remember it, but there will be plenty of photographic evidence.  I also think these things increase a feeling of community and belonging.

The flame was due to pass through Nailsea last Wednesday 23rd May, so on the Tuesday we went over to stay at my parents house.  Luckily it would be passing through the main road that is less than a minutes walk from my parents house, but even still, it would be an early morning as it was due sometime around 7am or even a little earlier.  Hence the sleepover.

Ethan knew what was going to be happening (even though I am sure he has no idea about the Olympics!).  He was excited though.  What child wouldn't want to see a large flame being carried down the street?

Getting up a little early in the morning felt exciting, we all had that holiday feeling, a bit like when you're going to catch a plane or ferry at some slightly unsightly hour - excited but groggy. OK, I know, we only had to get up just past 6am, but that's still earlier than I usually like to start my day!

In the end, the flame ran a little late, but we had an excellent view.  Ethan loved every minute of it.  All the Police motorbikes (loved the way the Police bikers were milking the attention, waving at the crowds!).  The Coke van/lorry/float (not sure quite what to call it!).  We were fortunate.  We didn't know it before hand, but it soon became obvious when a man dressed in white running gear appeared - we were going to see the change over!  That was the best bit I think.

I'll share some photos.

Errr.. what are we doing again?

Cop on a bike - loving it!

Ooo! The Coke Lorry!  So exciting I must stand in the road to photograph it! (yes, I know, I took a photo of it!).

Here comes the lady from Backwell!

Haha.. love this shot!

I'm very confused Mummy!

Flames in waiting...
So!  There we have it.  Our Olympic Flame experience.  Have you seen it?  Will you be seeing it?  Let me know what you thought :)


  1. ooo great pics, were seeing it on june 30th :) im quite excited. Im sure Harry will wonder what the heck is happening, but as my hubby keeps telling everyone 'its once in a lifetime!!' x

    1. Yeah, that's exactly what I think as well. It's something to tell the grandkids, isn't it! I enjoyed seeing it. Didn't take very long, but it felt momentous in a weird way! You'll have to blog about it when you see it :) x

  2. what is the website where you can follow the Olympic torch? please can i have a answer asap!


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