Tuesday 22 May 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Toy Story & Katvig

Ahhhhhhh, Trendy Toddler Tuesday, how I love you!  Enabling me to showcase Ethan's clothes each week... bliss!!! The terrible thing is that because Ethan has a larger wardrobe of outfits than hubby and I put together (OK.. well, maybe not quite, I do have A LOT as well..) it's usually quite easy for me to show off a different outfit each week!

This week Ethan is stylin' something you won't see very often on him - at least not at the moment (when he has more say in what he wears, this may change!) - a branded character top.

In the last month or so Ethan has really got into the Toy Story films.  When he managed to do his first poop in the potty a few weeks ago I got him a Slinky Dog as a prize.  Now, if he or I spot anything with Toy Story on it when we're shopping, our eyes are drawn to it.  I'm not one for having too many character things though.  It can be a bit samey and boring.  But.. when you see your child's eyes light up in glee because they're sporting their favourite character on their top, you just can't help yourself!

I was in a charity shop a few weeks ago when I spotted a Toy Story top (originally George at Asda) for 79p.  Bargain!  It was in excellent condition and I knew it would make a brilliant "poo bag prize" for Ethan (can't carry on giving out £16 slinky dogs for every poo!!).  I bought it and after a week or so Ethan earned enough poo stickers on his chart and chose it as a prize.  So, let me introduce the very proud little man!

T Shirt - British Heart Foundation Charity Shop (originally George at Asda) 79p
Shorts - Katvig (via bebaboo.com) £12.90
Wellies - E-Leclerc supermarket, France

I love the Katvig shorts.  This was their first outing.  I featured them before in a TTT.  Ethan enjoyed wearing them, they look very unusual.  Love them!! A shout out to Bebaboo.com of course, where I got them.. still love shopping there for him!

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  1. you little man looks so pleased with himself bless him! thats such a brilliant idea to have a reward chart for potty training. will be stealing that idea i think for when harry starts :) x

  2. Love the shorts. I think you can find some really cute ones - although I always struggle when the colours are funky to match with his clashing t-shirts!

  3. Ethan is so gorgeous and i love his shorts, very trendy! I love that he is wearing the m with wellies too x

  4. Alex, I can't believe how much Ethan has changed and grown in just a few short weeks! Seriously, I had to do a double take, he looks like such a big boy! I always love seeing your bargain finds and your mixing and matching of prints, designs and colors. Again, so sorry for the lateness, but I love seeing all the trendies!!! xo

  5. This looks lovely! I would love to recreate this in my home. Where did you get your tree blocks and mirror blocks? Links to where such toys can be purchased would be a great help. Toddler Educational Toys

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