Monday 23 July 2012

Magpie Monday - Bush Radio

Now.. this is a bit of a cheeky Magpie Monday because I wasn't actually the Magpie responsible for this wonderful bargain.. I just had to share it though, because I'm sure a load of you will love it!! Plus.. I just want to show it off.

I went round to my parents house the other day and noticed this fantastic radio in their conservetory... It jumped out at me saying "ooo, stroke me, turn me on, fiddle my dial!" (sorry..). When I asked Mum where it had come from, she told me they had got it at their church jumble sale. It was coming to the end of the sale when a man on one of the stalls shouted out "Anyone, make me an offer for this radio, any offer, and it's yours!". My Mum, unable to miss out on a bargain, even if she doesn't need something, wondered over and offered him £2.  Now, it didn't come with a lead, so no one was sure it was working, but Mum decided it was worth a two quid gamble. It certainly paid off.. what also paid off was my parents hoarding habit because Dad was able to locate a suitable spare lead to use with the radio. Low and behold it worked. Fab! I was most impressed and told my Mum as such.

 Now... Let it be known that I did not at any time ask for the radio. I expressed my liking for it, said that if I'd seen it, I would have snapped it up. That was it. My Mum being the way she is though (and many Mum's are like this I think!) decided that she wanted to give it to me, said she didn't really need it anyway.

So.. there we go! That's how it came to it's new happy home in our living room. It looks fabulous I think. Yes, it's big, yes, it's in your face, and yes, it's AM/FM/Longwave so likely not to work one day, but heck, I love it. It's a 1990 reproduction of the 1960s Bush radio. So, not old.. But hey, hang on, even 1990 was 22 years ago (errr... how?!) so it ain't young. I keep walking into my living room and grinning at it.


What second hand bargains have you sourced this week? Why not see who's linked up for Magpie Monday with the lovely Liz?


  1. Wow that looks fab! I'm not surprised it makes you smile :-)

  2. That was a real bargain! It does call out to be touched doesn't it? :)

  3. Oh hooray for generous mums and parents who stash odds and sods in case they come in useful!

    It's a beaut. x

    1. I know! Mine are particularly great like that! x

  4. OOH I LOVE IT! I reeeeally love it! Good work, aren't mums fabulous?

  5. That is. A great radio what a great find on your mums part and how she passed it on :) x

  6. That is. A great radio what a great find on your mums part and how she passed it on :) x


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