Tuesday 17 July 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Birthday's and H&M

Hey hey!  I'm covering for the fabtastic Maria from Very Busy Mama this week, hosting TTT for her..

If you read my blog regularly, you will know doubt know that I love H&M clothing.  Both for children and myself.  I love the fact that they are a high street shop that stock some not so generic clothes for boys.  Their quality is good for the price, they aren't expensive and they use lots of bright colours.  They aren't afraid to be trendy either.

A few weeks back I saw an advert for H&M in my copy of Junior magazine.  Instantly I fell in love.  What was in the add?  A gorgeous stripy boy's blazer.  I knew I had to have it.  We happened to be going shopping in Bristol the next day so I excitedly headed to H&M hoping to find it.  It wasn't there though.  Very disapointed.... Still, I got lucky the next week!!  I had to go back into Bristol to take back a couple of items so had another chance to scope out the boy's department.  This time I took the add (torn out of the mag) with me, just in case it wasn't there, I could use it to ask a member of staff about it).  I found it instantly this time though.  I lept on the rack like a mad thing, just in case anyone else were to come along - what if there'd only been one in Ethan's size?!  Luckily there were plenty in his size and I went away a happy customer.

On showing it to Ethan, he got very excited.  I had plans for it though - it was to become a key part of his birthday party outfit!  So, please find below some photos of Ethan rocking his blazer at his 3rd birthday party this Saturday just gone and on his actual birthday (Sunday 15th):

Boys... do they ever stay still for a nice photo?


Erm.. so you're how old?

Blazers for all..

Blazer - £14.99 - H&M
Blue T shirt - £1 - Charity shop
Angry Birds T Shirt £4.99 - H&M
Green skinny jeans - £5.99 - H&M
Braces - £2.99 - H&M
Converse - £2.50 - eBay

So... Now on to you lovely lot and your trendy tots!  Please link up using the linky below - why not get a blogging buddy to join in as well?  The link is open until Saturday.  Don't forget to tweet me if you join in then I can retweet!  Thank you in advance, those joining in.


  1. Looks like Ethan had a good birthday and what a cool blazer.xx

    Absolutley love that blazer, i bought a similar one for Joseph from h&m too, I love his braces he looks proper snappy x

  3. I love H&M for boys, its one of my favourites, i've not seen that blazer before though. Looks like he had a lovely birthday.

  4. I love love love H&M! Ethan is so cute!

  5. Happy Birthday to Ethan! I love H&M. The blazer is too much. I just got the same green pants for my boy!

  6. Lovely outfit, I love the braces, so cute. All the best people are born on 15th July!

  7. Happy 3rd Birthday and a big congrats to you too! I think us mums are bit forgotten after the babies are born, but we do all the hard work!! hahhaa.... I'm digging the green jeans :)

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