Tuesday 28 August 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Moccis

Hola folks!

Sorry it's been quiet on the blog for a few days.  It was a bank holiday weekend (if you're UK based, I'm sure you know that!!) and I've allowed myself a break from the internet and blog land.  It's nice to have a break now and then.  I went to London to visit my friend Tessa, had some child free time.  It was lovely!

I wanted to write today about Moccis.  If you read my blog regularly, I'm sure you know how much I love Moccis. I'm sure I don't need to go into huge detail about how much I love them.  We've been fans of Moccis in our house for nearly 3 years ago now.  Ethan has had several pairs, I've had 3 pairs and Pete has had 2 pairs.  Pete and I usually make ours last a year.  Ethan's feet obviously grow, so he needs pairs more frequently (having said that, his feet have remained pretty much the same size over the last year).

If you haven't read my blog before, you may well be wondering what on earth Moccis are! Well, they are a rather fantastic item.  I think of them as thick socks and slippers all in one.  They are more hard wearing than slipper socks.  You can pop outside in them if you need.  They have a non-slip sole which is fantastic for little people who like to charge around on laminate/lino/wooden floors.  Something I love is how flexible they are which is fantastic for growing feet.

Mocasin slippers/socks have been around in Sweden for years.  Anna is the creator of Moccis, she discovered Swedish Moccasins and decided to design her own and introduce them to the UK.  I think she was spot on when she says "Swedish moccasins are one of the things you just can't live without".  I know I love mine, Pete loves his and Ethan is so happy with his he often wears them to bed!  I think they are the safest slippers to wear around the house, I know I haven't slipped down the stairs since having them (normal slippers used to cause me to fall down the stairs quite frequently!  No joke if you're carrying the baby...).

I honestly, hand on heart, recommend Moccis to friends, for themselves and their children.  One of my friends is pregnant at the moment and asked if there was something I could recommend to keep a baby's feet warm when carrying them in a sling (with feet out) I instantly thought of Moccis, they stay on so well!

If you are looking for the perfect slipper, Moccis could be the one for you - warm, non-slip, stay on well and  in a huge range of designs.  Children's Moccis retail at £19.99.

Ethan wears:

T-shirt - Boys&Girls
Shorts - Faith BC 
Braces - H&M

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**Moccis very kindly sent Ethan a pair of Moccis for the purpose of this review.  I have not been compensated for this blog post, all opinions are my own**


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