Wednesday 1 August 2012

WIWW - Weekend style

Hello lovelies!  For this weeks WIWW I'm going to share my outfits from the weekend just gone.  They aren't out there, they aren't too in your face.  Just comfy with a edge of style (I hope).  Let me know what you think!

First up, Saturday.  It was quite hot on Saturday still (though windy!) so I decided on a short skirt.  I didn't want to go down the denim skirt route though as I often do that, it's too easy.  It was still too hot for leggings underneath as well, so I picked something that although above the knee, wasn't too short.  Personally, I was happy with the outfit, it's quite laid back, but not just thrown on without thought.  I wanted to make sure there were interesting details to attract the eye, hence my belt and long blue beads.  The only trouble with this  outfit is that the skirt is a little restrictive.  There's not much give around the band at the bottom of it.  This isn't too much of an issue though, I can still walk in it, just not extremely fast or with long strides!

Please excuse my stupid face here.. not sure what I was doing. Catching flies?


Sunglasses - Cerruti via TKMaxx £24.99
Vest - H&M - part of a two part set £5.99
Skirt - Primark £4
Belt - eBay - from ages ago, cost very little
Bag - Marc Jacobs - £you don't want to know....
Shoes - My comfy Berkenstocks £19.99 from TKMaxx two years ago
Beads - My Mum's from the '70s
Bracelet - Troll beads and various charms....

My next outfit is from Sunday.  It was raining when I got dressed, so I opted for jeans.  I have to say it felt weird being back in jeans after 8 or 9 days in skirts and shorts.  Kind of restrictive!  Got used to it quickly though.  At least these jeans are comfy.  This outfit, while comfy, was pretty dull to look at so I had to funk it up with my accessories.  I went with a cute deer broach, my bright beads and coloured bangles.  I think you have to do that really.  If your clothes aren't exciting, funk it up with your accessories, and vice versa (a bit like the cleavage and legs rule I suppose!!).  Sorry for the image quality, these are from my phone which is only a lowly 5 mega pixels.

Cardigan - Room 31 £3.99
Vest - H&M
Jeans - JBrand, ASOS £175 (these have gone up to £190 now!!)
Shoes - Jessica Simpson via TKMaxx £35.99
Necklace - Gift
Broach - Bought from a suitcase sale in Bristol £3
Bangles - New Look £5.99

I like this outfit.  My JBrand jeans are a funny thing.  I love them but hate them at the same time.  I bought them as a treat when I came into a bit of dosh because I thought it'd be fun to own a pair of expensive jeans. I do like them, they are comfy and they do hold their shape very well, buuuuut... do I think they are worth £175 (or £190 as they are now).  Errr... nope.  The colour has faded quite a bit.  Are they vastly better than my £9 pairs of Primark jeans?  Not really...  Does anyone ever notice I'm strutting around in high-end jeans? Don't think so... Will I buy expensive jeans again?  I'm not sure.  Knowing me, probably.  I quite fancy trying a pair of 7forallmankind..!  Anyone recommend those?

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  1. i love how you added your own bit of lovely quirkiness to each outfit like with the sunnies, or bangles and brooch :) i am yet to invest in expensive jeans.. im with you on the does it really matter? i would like to try a pair though to see if there was a difference!xx

    1. Thank you lovely! I do try!! I think it doesn't really matter... but then I know a few people who swear that 7forallmankind to amazing things for them.. so I'm tempted to try! xx

  2. I only buy Old Navy jeans-- they are never more than $25 and always fit :)

    Transatlantic Blonde

    1. Can you get Old Navy in the UK? They sound so good... just like Target! x

  3. Love both looks! And those red sunnies are adorable! ;)


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