Monday 11 November 2013

Can you Dance to the Boogaloo? - Book Review

Something I love about having a blog is being asked to review children's books.  We adore books in our house, reading during the day and before bed!

Recently we were sent a copy of Can You Dance The Boogaloo? by Alice V Lickens.  

The first thing I noticed about this book are the bright funky illustrations.  They pop off the page and grab your attention.

This is a lovely book.  Not very wordy, so perhaps for younger children and toddlers but there is something for everyone.  The purpose is to inspire you and your children to get up, make music and dance around, so it's not something I'd suggest before bedtime.  It's better suited to the day time, followed by a good jive around your living room!!

Ethan, who is 4, enjoyed the book though he does prefer stories and longer books these days.  He enjoyed pointing out and naming instruments though.  

Felix, 5 months, was really engaged.  He didn't even attempt to eat the book until I'd finished reading!  I think the illustrations really grabbed his attention and he really enjoyed the funny noises I was making when imitating instruments.

All in all, a sweet book.  Published by Pavilion and Anova Books.  RRP is £5.99.

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