Wednesday 20 November 2013

Keeping warm with Joules

Sometimes, I think the designers at Joules live in my head.  They have such a way with pattern and colour, it really speaks to me!

I'd love to be able to buy a whole heap of clothes from Joules, but unfortunately, we're on a limited budget.  I recently sold a heap of baby clothes, shoes and some of my old clothes on eBay and once my profits were happily in my paypal account, I decided to treat myself to some winter essentials from Joules.  If I can't afford to buy dresses, socks and tops from them, I can at least get my winter essentials from them!

So, what are my winter essentials?  Well, I love a good pair of wellies but my pair from last year are still going strong (they were Joules actually, pheasant print.  Adore them!).  I have a warm coat.. what I needed was a new gilet/body warmer.  I have always loved the ones sold by Joules, so I knew that was going to be my first purchase.  Then, to compliment and update my winter wardrobe I decided some knitwear would be a good idea, a new hat and maybe some gloves.  Want to see what I chose?

Charmwood Gilet - £79.95
Calin bobble hat - £17.95

I asked for opinions on Instagram at first with regards to the gilet.  I loved the colour, a nice bold mustard yellow and the contrasting blue & white stripes inside the hood, but I wanted to make sure people thought it looked OK on!! The consensus was good though.

I love the new hat and hand warmers.  The hat is really snug and looks cute on.  Love the pompom detail as well.  The hand-warmers tie the look together.  What I really like about hand-warmers is that you can put them over other gloves for an extra layer.  I find they work really well over leather gloves because leather gloves aren't too bulky but sometimes they benefit from some extra warmth!

There are so many more items I could pick from Joules, but my budget is limited!

Are you treating yourself this winter?  What are your winter essentials?

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  1. Great color combo!! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  2. I want a poncho as I'm pregnant and struggling to fasten a coat!


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